Hodge Podge Friday 30 April 2010

April 30, 2010

Hello all, its Friday and I’ve been tardy in my posting, so that must mean its time for another Hodge Podge Friday 🙂   A chance to sit back, relax and allow me to vent my frustrations 🙂

Lori Ziganto at Red State has a post ‘Your Pay Is Not Above Obama’s Paygrade’.   Apparently President Obama decided to give his teleprompter a break and of course that is when the Socialist comes out.  He states ‘I do think at a certain point, you’ve made enough money’.

Okay Mr. President, you made 5 million last year?  Are you going to stop taking a salary now?  What about all the millionaire wall street people you have on the government payroll, have they made enough yet?

More to point, what about the Socialist Billionaire George Soros?  The man who bankrolled your presidency and the Democrat takeover of the government.  He has made billions during this recession, but still you gave him two billion of the Stimulus money as payback for the election, then offered OneWest Bank, which he co-owns with another Socialist Billionaire, a different set of rules which allowed them to make billions more by foreclosing mortgages, kicking people out on the street, dumping the homes, then being reimbursed courtesy of the U. S. Taxpayer.  At the same time you were chastising all the other banks for not doing more to keep people in their homes.

So I guess your limit on what an individual should be allowed to make does not apply to Socialist Elitist like yourself and the billionaire owners of the Democrat Party.   Hypocrite 🙂

Ms Star Parker is running unopposed in the Primary in California’s 37th congressional district, which encompasses Long Beach, Compton, Carson, and Signal Hill. This district is currently represented by Democrat Laura Richardson who is running in a tight primary election on June 8th.  If you live in California please visit Ms Parker’s web page and more importantly, please vote for her.  Our country seriously needs this type of leadership 🙂

Speaking of strong leaders, LTC Allen West tells it like is about Islam at the Freedom Defense Initiative.  The best speech I have ever heard on the issue of terrorism and radical Islam.  This video runs 19 mins, but trust me, it is well worth your time.  Ms Pamela Geller does a one and a half-minute intro if you would like to skip ahead.

LTC West is a strong and dynamic leader that is also running for congress.  He will make a great representative, senator and one day candidate for the White House 🙂

Well, I did not set out to make this all about the future election, but considering our present congress would we be better off with Peter Griffin?

Okay, I double tapped, but only for your amusement 🙂

According to the latest Rasmussen poll Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is up 16 points after signing the new immigration law.   She was at 40% approval rating in the state and now she sits with at 56% approval rating.  Regardless of what others may be saying, 70% of the people in Arizona support the new law, while out of touch obliviots in San Francisco want to boycott Arizona products including Arizona Tea which is actually manufactured in New York.   Way to go lefties.  Not too smart, but then you never were.

Mr. Dick Morris says the financial bill the Democrats are pushing in congress is a disaster in three major respects.  

1. It gives incentives for irresponsibility by, in effect, guaranteeing banks’ survival by establishing a $50 billion rescue fund. In doing so, it gives the large banks a huge advantage and extends to them the same kind of implicit guarantee that once encouraged the likes of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to go on their lending spree. It is a key step in the conversion of big banks into quasi-public institutions, ultimately controlled by the government, levers through which the public sector can control the private.

2. By vesting the secretary of the Treasury with the power to seize — in a hostile takeover — any financial institution he deems too big to fail, it puts at risk of public takeover every such company in the nation. Granted, the FDIC now has the power to seize any bank. But the FDIC is headed by a nonpartisan board with a heritage of nonpolitical regulation. The secretary of the Treasury is an arm of the president. If a political appointee has the power to take over any financial institution — bank or non-bank — fire the board, replace the management, wipe out stock equity and sell off pieces of the company, it gives him a power that is so awesome it can undermine our democratic freedoms. What corporate executive will feel free to donate to Obama’s opponents or to speak out against the administration when doing so could cost him his job and his bank?

3. The newly established Consumer Financial Protection Agency will have the power to approve or reject any loan instrument offered by any company in the land. A mattress company that wants to let customers go 60 days before paying will have to get CFPA approval before extending credit. The bureaucratic bottleneck will slow economic activity, encourage corruption and retard consumer spending. It will be big government at its worst.

Financial reform that does not rein in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will only multiply the problems that caused the economy to crash in first place.  Democrats are pulling a fast one and hoping the rest of us are not paying attention.  Contact your elected officials and give them an earful.  It may not do any good, but it will lower your blood pressure.  Tell them you are a Tea Party member and raise theirs 🙂

Well, I would like to discuss the oil spill in the Gulf, but I have that ethics thing to deal with.  Unlike elected officials and Democrat Party Socialist, I could be punished.  So I guess I will stay away from that issue.  

Needless to say the Democrats will attempt to use this accident for political gain and new regulations that make us even more dependent on others for our energy supplies.  I would like to point out one simple fact that no one else has.  It was a foreign oil rig.  It does not belong to the U. S.  It was contracted to save money.  I will post more on this once the heat dies down.

Well, that is all I have time for Today friends and neighbors.  Life is keeping me fully engaged with issues at work, but that will not stop me from posting a few of those funny, or odd, videos I found while trucking down the information highway 🙂 

Okay, the first video is called dumb people doing stupid things.  Is that an oxymoron, or just a video of morons.  You be the judge 🙂

Well, I especially liked the lady trying to do the Flintstone stop on the icy road.  Yep, there is a future Senator 🙂 

This next one is called Idiots of the World.  At first I thought it was about our congress, but it must have been San Francisco Socialist at play.  Who else has the time.  The rest of us have to work to pay these moron’s medical bills.

Can you believe they want us to pay for these people’s health care?  We seriously need to consider chlorinating the gene pool 🙂

Okay, this is probably a fake prank, but it is funny 🙂

Now, tell the truth.  Haven’t there been days you wanted to do that to your boss.  Okay, spouse, co-worker, significant other, just fill in the blank  and smile 🙂

And last, but never least, I will leave you with one of those funny candid camera videos.  It starts out a bit slow, but picks up at the end.  Kind of like me.  Take care and have a great day 🙂


Noah’s Ark Found In Turkey

April 28, 2010

According The Sun article, the remains of Noah’s Ark have been found 13,000 feet up on a mountain in Turkey.  The following video depicts a group of Chinese and Turkish evangelical explorers viewing the remain of a wooden structure on Mount Arafat in Eastern Turkey.

They claim carbon dating proves the relics are 4,800 years old, which is roughly around the same time the ark was said to be afloat.   The wooden structure contained several compartments, some with wooden beams, that they believe were used to house animals.

This is great news for the 80% of Americans that profess a belief in God.  We continue to receive evidence that the Bible is a true and factual account of World history.  Every new discovery offers us peace and reenforcement in our beliefs.

This discovery should not only bring us closer to God, it should also serve as a warning to those that mock us, that he is real and ‘he has the power’.

God Bless America 🙂

Sarah Palin Sick And Tired Of Obama Creating Crisis In Order To Stick It To The People

April 27, 2010

Former Governor Sarah Palin came out swinging against the White House Today, announcing that she is sick and tired of Obama and the White House coming out with new crisis in order for government to stick it to the people.

Ms Palin states what I and several others have been saying all along.  The people in the White House have never had real jobs.  They do not know how the economy works.  They do not have a clue what it takes for small business to make money.  They have made their lives spending other peoples money. 

More Video Evidence That Reps Carson And Lewis Are Race Card Liars

April 26, 2010

Larry O’Conner at Big Government posted the following video of the now famous walk from the Cannon House to the Capital Building.  The video very clearly disputes the claims of racial slurs, made by Reps Carson and Lewis, and further indicates that their claims of being mobbed and their fears of rock throwing were entirely made up.

Keep in mind, as I pointed out earlier, there was absolutely no need for these gentlemen to walk into the Tea Party protest other than to create an incident.   They could have used the tunnels and entirely avoided the protesters.

Yes, there are tunnels connecting the buildings that they use every day.  In fact, lawmakers prefer the tunnels because it keeps them separated from the public.  Why on this particular day did they decide not to take their usual route to the Capital?  There can only be one reason and that reason is racism.    They wanted so badly to play the race card in order to make the Tea Party Protesters look bad, that they decided to confront the protesters and make the claim regardless of the outcome.  

The lame stream media stories were already in the works to cover the non-event.  The stories were written before the Reps even made the walk.  Now the lame stream provides cover by letting Carson and Lewis continue to change their stories un-challenged.  My guess is that Andrew Breitbart’s one hundred thousand dollar reward for video proof of the event is safe, as every liberal socialist that has made claim has been proven to be just another liar.

This is simply another fine example of the death of journalism in the lame stream media.  The media knew of the event before it occurred.  These radical congressmen knew the media would provide cover for them, otherwise they would have never falsely attempted to use the race card in front of so many witnesses and cameras.  

Dishonesty, it’s what our Socialist officials and government-run media do best.

Democrats Are The Party Of Wall Street

April 26, 2010

President Obama can deny all that he likes.  The truth is that the majority of the Stimulus Money went into the pockets of his Socialist Benefactors and Wall Street Millionaires.  This was purposeful payback to the people who bought him the presidency.

In the President’s latest pack of lies, his new campaign speech, he talks of Main Street as if he knows it.  The truth is no one in the President’s cabinet is from Main Street.  They are all from Wall Street.  They spent the Stimulus money supporting the only game they know.  Our Turbo Tax Treasury Secretary is a Wall Street flunky that has never had a real job, never met a payroll and never owned a business.  His top 5 aids are also from Wall Street.

Our illustrious President has never ran anything more than a campaign.  He does not understand where money comes from.  The idea of earning a paycheck escapes the man.  He has survived on entitlements, underhanded deals, Chicago politics and the corrupts ideals of our nation’s Social Elite.  He is clueless when it comes to the economy.  He is clueless when it comes to Main Street.  He continues to insult Americans by lying to them about his Socialist intentions. 

While the White House is staffed with Socialists, Communists, Pedofiles and left wing whack jobs, not one person in the President’s Administration has ever experienced Main Street.  They have no understanding of Capitolism, small business needs, jobs or economical reality.  It is as foreign to them as sunshine in a cave.

My personal observation is that half of the White House staff could not pour water out of a boot if the directions were written on the bottom.  The other half would never even bother as simply approaching the problem of the boot would constitute a life experience they were never trained for.  We in the real World call this life experence Work.

US Supreme Court Denies ACORN Constitutional Challenge

April 25, 2010

On Friday The US Supreme Court upheld a decision by The Federal Appellate Court in NYC which overturned a ruling, by Clinton-appointee Judge Nina Gershon, that claimed the government had the right and responsibility to fund ACORN.  By refusing to hear ACORN’s claim that is was un-Constitutional for Congress to cut off funding, The Court basically froze Judge Gershon’s ruling.

Several ACORN offices were caught red-handed on video tape assisting a would be pimp and prostitute with the necessary information to gain federal funding for a brothel that was to be staffed with under age illegal alien prostitutes.  ACORN employees went on to suggest ways the couple could hide their profits, avoid taxes and operate their illegal enterprise under government radar.

Like all good Socialist Obama supporters, ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis continues to use every means to drum up support for her dying organization.   Speaking at a recent Young Democrat Socialist meeting, she referred to the Tea Party Movement as a bowel movement and indicated her support for Socialism with the following statement “Any group that says, ‘I’m young, I’m Democratic, and I’m a socialist,’ is all right with me.” Here is the video.

While ACORN will certainly wither on the vine, its focus will live on in the many splinter groups created and supported by ACORN money.  Basically our tax dollars will simply go to the other organizations.

Tax dollars should not be used to support Socialist groups or groups that consider themselves above the law.  When groups like ACORN not only break the law, but are supported in breaking the law by the highest offices in government, it is time for citizens to take action.

Yes, Ms Lewis speaks out against The Tea Party because she fears The Tea Party.  She calls them racists, evil and hate filled.  Basically, she will say anything to draw the focus away from her group.  She knows that the people of The Tea Party have the government politics and socialist corruption that supported her illegal organization in their sights.  They are tired of paying for free rides via corrupt politicians and Socialist Elites.

The increasing power and influence of The Tea Party Patriots hopefully signals the death toll of the out of control Socialist programs that are draining this country dry and discriminating against the underprivileged by keeping them hooked on social programs.

Socialism never works. It always ends up hurting more than helping. History proves this to be true.

NewsBusted 4/23/10

April 25, 2010

Ms. Jodi Miller doing her usual good job of satire in reporting the news 🙂