Democrat Rep Phil (D-IL) Hare Doesn’t Care About The Constitution He Took An Oath To Protect

Rep Phil Hare (D-ClownSchool) is typical of what is wrong with the Democrat Party.  He states he read the Health Care bill three times, but misquotes what is in it.  When asked about the Constitutional issues he states ‘I do not care about the constitution’. 

He then goes off on a tangent about some make-believe United States where people are dying in the streets by the thousands due to lack of health care.  What planet is this clown from?

Where exactly in the United States is that we have people dying in the streets by the thousands without health care.  I’ve heard this quote from the President, Senators, Congressman, Democrat talking heads and government controlled media hacks.  It is a bold face lie.  It does not happen in the United States.  It will not happen as long as we have Christian Charity and Catholic Hospitals.

Take a trip to any emergency room in the United States and you will find people getting health care.  Illegal immigrants, the elderly and people with low incomes, all take advantage of hospital emergency rooms for routine health care issues.  This is the reason hospitals charge you 50 dollars for a Tylenol.  To help offset the costs of providing health care to the uninsured.

To listen to Democrats one would think that we have dead people lining the city sidewalks on a daily basis because no doctor will treat them.  It is not only a lie, it is an ‘insult’ to the intelligence of the American Public.

I have a good feeling that part, if not all, of this socialist health care program will be overturned once a few ‘adults’ at the Supreme Court get a chance to review the Constitutional issues.

Tonight, when you visit the bathroom, please remember to flush twice.  It is a long way to Democrat Party Headquarters 🙂


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