Dishonest Media And Democrat Party Orchestrated Tea Party Smear

The racial charges against The Tea Party Protesters on Capital Hill were an orchestrated event.  Democrats and media came together in an attempt to create a conflict that would show The Tea Parties in an unfavorable light.

When they failed to provoke a racial outburst by walking The Congressional Black Caucus through the middle of the Tea Party Protests, they then paraded gavel bearing Nancy Pelosi into spotlight.

Having failed to get the desired reaction from either provocation, the media posted, their pre-prepared, stories charging The Tea Party Protesters with the racial outbursts they had wished to happen.

The Truth Is It Never Happened.

Doug Ross provides smoking gun evidence that Democrats and the media conspired to smear The Tea Party Protestors.

Mr Ross states that Mclatchy reporter William Douglas posted an 800 word article with interview quotes from 3 representatives (who were supposedly engaged in governing at the time) less than 90 minutes after the event.  In his ‘story’ Mr Douglas makes reference to two other news sources as if they had already published.

The problem is The Huffington Post article Mr. Douglas makes reference to did not publish until 5 minutes after his article was published. 

The Boston Globe article Mr Douglas makes reference to did not publish until the day after his article had published.

How does Mr Douglas interview 3 high-profile people who were engaged elsewhere, read two articles that have not been written yet, then write and publish an 800 word document with quotes, all within 90 minutes of the event?  Maybe Mr. Douglas is a time traveler, a physic, or maybe he is just a liar. 

Rep Barney Franks (D-HatesYou) is quoted in the Boston Globe article accusing Tea Party Protesters of calling him a ‘homo’.

In the Huffington Post article Mr Franks accuses Tea Party Protesters of calling him a ‘faggot’.

Not a very ‘factual’ accounting.  Besides, Barney Franks has selective hearing., he views any resistance to his socialist views as being homophobic.

Mr. Ross provides a lot more detail in his article.

Mr Jack Cashill provides the following video of the non-event at The American Thinker.  He states not one of the many videos recording the event captured the claims of media and Democrats.

I believed this was a setup from the beginning.  When I viewed the video and heard the accusations my first thought was ‘why did they walk through the protesters, why didn’t they use ‘the tunnel’ like they always do?

Yes, for those of you unaware, there is a tunnel.  You see Congress and Senate members only like to mingle with us common folks when it is convenient for them.  On a daily basis they avoid coming in contact with the public by using the tunnels.

The reason they walked through the protesters is clear.  They were trying to create an event.  They were trying to make it a racial issue in order to smear The Tea Party Protesters and deflect the focus from their unpopular health care bill.  They had media lined up and ready to roll in their favor.

Andrew Breitbart has offered a $10,000.00 reward for any video evidence of racial slurs at the Capitol Hill Protests.  To date, no one has come forward to claim the money even though Rep Jessie Jackson Jr is clearly videotaping the event as he walks among the protesters.


Screaming racist where no racism occurred is just like screaming fire in a crowded movie house.  You should be held accountable for the pain you  cause others.  Media and Democrats alike should be held accountable for the slander, and outright libel, of the Tea Party Protesters.

Dishonesty in media rarely endears them to the public.  Is it any wonder in these modern times that more people are turning to citizen journalism? 

Citizen journalists continue to be the only media providing truth and fact.  Truth and fact are the basic foundations of journalism that are missing in main stream media and many left leaning news outlets. 

Keep your cameras ready.  You never know when you may have to defend yourself against a vicious and lying media that is no longer interested in reporting news.  Now they want to create it.

Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit and Clifton B of Another Black Conservative both have posted articles in regards to this Democrat and media conspiracy against truth and justice.

 Thanks for reading 🙂


One Response to Dishonest Media And Democrat Party Orchestrated Tea Party Smear

  1. Janelle Humbert says:

    Does the CBC always travel in a gaggle? Actually, they were being treated to the same questions and dissent that other representatives have been asked and listened to. That is equality, you mules in horse harness.

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