Media Malpractice As Viewed From The Red Eye

 A Saturday posting of a few Greg Gutfeld takes on Media Malpractice.  Mr. Gutfeld hosts a program on Fox News called Red Eye

What I like about Red Eye is the program’s humorous approach to daily news events and issues.  Somewhat of a Conservative Jon Stewart approach, but from a different perspective.

What I dislike about Red Eye is it that it airs at 3am.  Then again the program was designed for insomniacs, graveyard shift workers, seriously early risers and crazy people like me that occasionally find themselves up at 3am scanning the channels for a bit of entertainment.  Thus the name Red Eye.

The first clip calls out MSNBC for portraying a man carrying a gun at a protest as a white racist radical, when in reality he is a man of color that values his 2nd Amendment rights.  MSNBC fabricates a storyline they know to be false.  They air video of this gentleman at the protest without showing his face.

Greg Gutfeld and Andrew Levy Take on Keith Olbermann for his association of  Fox News with Al Qaeda.

Greg on media’s lack of reporting, or mis-reporting and downplaying, terrorist acts in this country.

Red Eye reams MSNBC and Garafalo for their racists comments.

Red Eye skewers MSM Tea Party coverage.

The media has been performing malpractice in this country since young Benny Franklin’s brother James set up his first printing press.   

With the advent of radio, and later television, media personality came into being.  It was no longer enough to be a good reporter and cover a news event in a neat type written storyline.  In order to be successful one had to sell the story to a captured audience.  Competition for advertising dollars became the focus of most major news outlets.  Style and delivery of the news soon became more important than truth or content.  Thus media sensationalism was born.


Who can forget Walter Cronkite, the most trusted man in America, and how his 1968 portrayal of the Viet Nam War changed the perspective of the nation and ultimately resulted in America’s first defeat.  A defeat that would not have happened had the most trusted man in America been an honest reporter and delivered fact and truth to his audience.  His liberal perspective would damage the U.S. Military for years to come and place South East Asia in a tail spin that would result in the death of millions.

And who can forget the media staged events on truck and car explosions.  The majority of these staged events resulted in lawsuits.  The media settled, paying auto manufacturers millions of dollars, in order to keep the facts surrounding their malpractice out of ‘the news’.  Ironic huh?  The damage they did to the US auto makers is still being felt today.  People run out to buy foreign auto brands based upon their media enhanced perceptions that they are better, when in fact, they are not.

Well, I did not intend to get that deep today so I will close by adding a little non-essential humor.  This is a clip of Man in the Box and his reaction to perceived Facebook abuses.  There is a language warning on this one.

I hope everyone gets a chance to go out and enjoy the good weather.  Thanks for reading 🙂


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