I Want A Flat Tax

This video should dispel many of the myths the socialists use to keep this country from adopting a flat tax.

In truth, a flat tax would be a much fairer system than what we have now.  The wealthy would actually end up paying more, as our elected attorneys in congress would not be able to provide benefits to their fellow attorneys by writing loopholes into the tax laws.

The forms would be simple.  There would be only a few deductions related to number of dependents, disability and age. 

We could greatly reduce the size of government as we would have little need for a large IRS, nor the vast amount of attorneys writing tax laws for the house and senate.

Imagine winning the lottery and not having to fork almost half it back to the government.  Imagine Socialist Billionaire and owner of the Democrat Party George Soros actually having to pay his taxes.

Now, imagine once a year filling out a 1o question form, attaching your W2 and your taxes are done.  Nice and simple 🙂


One Response to I Want A Flat Tax

  1. Janelle Humbert says:

    What a concept….60,000 plus pages of crappy tax law written by Congress, voided.

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