New York Denies Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant A Water Permit

Environuts are claiming victory in a New York State ruling that the older cooling technology used in the Indian Point nuclear power plant is a hazard to local fish and is in violation of the Clean Water Act.

Unlike more modern reactors that recirculate water through cooling towers, the two 1970s era reactors take water from the river, use it for cooling, then return the water to the river.

The strongly worded letter from the state Department of Environmental Conservatism claims that proposed modifications to the plant’s cooling ‘do not and will not’ comply with the state’s water quality standards.

They claim the plant kills almost one billion aquatic organisms a year, sucking in plankton, eggs and larvae, while also trapping fish in intake screens. 

Without the approval of New York State Officials the plant, which supplies an estimated 30% of the electricity used by New York City, will be unable to renew its’ federal operating licence and will be forced to shut down.

An Entergy spokesman said that converting Indian Point’s cooling system would cost $1.1 billion and would require shutting both reactors down entirely for 42 weeks.

Environuts have been trying to shut this plant down since the day construction began.  Alex Matthiessen, president of the environut group Riverkeeper, said it was conceivable that plant owners could spend the money to retrofit its cooling system and then reapply to the state. But that would cause a huge delay, he added. “For all we know, this is it — the beginning of the end,” he said.

Radical environuts will not be happy until we are all sitting in damp and dark caves throwing rocks at each other.  They are directly responsible for shutting down this nation’s manufacturing industries and forcing the jobs overseas.

They destroy the world by forcing the export of industries that could operate in this country with realistic environmental controls to third world nations where there are no environmental controls. 

Their attack on nuclear power makes little sense from an environmental stand point.  Even they admit that nuclear power is the cleanest, most efficient and environmentally safest means of providing electrical power, while  at the same time their interventions have not allowed the construction of a new nuclear power plant in this country since the 1970s. 

Meanwhile, the French receive an estimated 80% of their electrical power from nuclear plants.

As I write this article our own out of control EPA is proposing increased environmental restrictions on air and water pollution.  Even though the laws we already have are working.

Each year since the 1990s the air and water have become cleaner.  Now the EPA is going to double down on its’ success by increasing the standard in order to drive what little manufacturing we have left out of business.

We can no longer afford over the top environmental restrictions.  We have become dependent on others for our food, sources of energy, consumables and building materials. This is a recipe for disaster.

It is time to put a stop to out of control environmentalist and their socialist political partners who really do not have a love for this nation or its’ people.


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