The President’s Sissy Pitch

Well, the President did better than he did last year 🙂 

I think he needs to take a few lessons from GW 🙂  Either that or start pitching people under the bus instead of tossing them there.

I had heard that there were a lot of boos from the audience.  Seeing as this is MSNBC and they purposely tooled the audio, it may be true. 

Here is the pitch from a different angle and without the MSNBC fanfare.  I do not hear much booing. 

Well, at least he left the ‘mommy’ jeans at home this time 🙂

I can tell he has been practicing.  Maybe next time he will get it over the plate.  In the words of Charlie Brown, ‘just wait until next year’ 🙂


One Response to The President’s Sissy Pitch

  1. Janelle Humbert says:

    I’ve seen better at fast pitch softball games…. the girl’s games. Or maybe that was slow pitch – no matter.
    Blog on!

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