George Allen To Attend PWC Tax Tea Party April 15th



Member of the Federation of Tea Party Patriots


April 15, 2010                     Noon to 2:00 p.m.

McCoart Administrative Center

1 County Complex Court, Woodbridge, VA 22192 

  • Are you like thousands of American Citizens that are frustrated with fiscal irresponsibility exercised by Congress and the Administration?
  • Do you want to stop the pilfering of your wealth and that of future generations through excessive taxation?
  • Do you want to stop the undermining of the foundations of our republic?
  • Are you disgusted with a government that exercises its powers and disregards the people’s will?
  • Then join us in a peaceful demonstration and give voice to your concerns. Send a message to our Congress and President to let them know that we the people have not given them the power to do whatever they please.

Speakers and their participating organizations are: The Honorable George Allen; Rich Neilsen, Office of the Attorney General of VA;  Ben Marchi, Americans for Prosperity; Ted Kirkpatrick, Campaign for Liberty; Bob Adney, Americans for Limited Government; Corey Stewart, Chairman, PWC BOS.  The Honorable Jay O’Brien is the moderator. Citizen advocates will also be given time to comment. Sign up to speak by sending an e-mail to

Visit our web site at



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