Rep Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Says There Is No Mandatory Requirment To Have Health Insurance In Health Bill

Rep Debbie Wasserman-Schultz at an April 5th town hall responds to a question on the mandatory requirement to have health insurance.  According to Rep Wasserman-Schultz there is not a mandatory requirement.

This woman is the queen of the double speak.  While technically she is correct, you have the choice between purchasing health care insurance or getting fined by the IRS, the truth is you will pay for health care one way or the other.  Either you purchase it outright, or you pay the government to basically cover the health care costs for you. 

If you cannot ignore the law without consequence, I would say that it is pretty much a mandatory requirement.  But again I was raised to tell ‘the truth’. 

My basic philosophy is “if I do not tell a lie, I do not have to remember, or defend, a lie’.  It simply keeps my life simple.  Another reason I would make a lousy politician 🙂


does it again.  Just listen to the double speak.


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