The Lame Stream Media’s Recent Notice Of The Tea Party

Ace over at Ace of Spades has a really good post on the apparent change of heart that the lame stream has recently acquired in regards to the Tea Party Protestors.

Ace’s post is well worth reading.  I’ve taken the best explanatory paragraph on why the media is ‘walking it back’. 

They are walking it back not because they’ve suddenly developed ethics but because it wasn’t working and in fact was costing them audience and influence. Much has been made of a recent poll finding that something like 71% of Tea Partiers get their news from FoxNews, as if that proves some kind of fringe agenda. No — it proves what is already known (that they lean conservative) and furthermore it proves that people don’t like having sexual slurs meaning “ball-sucking” tossed at them by their media sources.

Here is the link to the article.  The Media’s Strange New Respect for the Tea Party by Ace.

The latest poll by Gallup basically proves Ace’s contention that the lame stream is offending the majority of Americans and they are tuning them out.

As you can see, Bill O’Reilly is drawing a larger audience than CNN, MSNBC and HLN combined.   Surprisingly, The Food Channel beats CNN and MSNBC on most days.

As I have consistently posted, people want truth and facts in journalism.  We do not want to be sold bias and opinion based on a network’s political affiliations, or a talking head’s political agenda. 

Lame Stream, if you want to score with middle America, try a little truth, fact, fairness and justice in your reporting.  Oops, I’m sorry, you went to a socialist journalism school, you do not what those are.  How sad.


2 Responses to The Lame Stream Media’s Recent Notice Of The Tea Party

  1. Janelle Humbert says:

    I never heard the term teabagger and had no idea what it meant. When it was explained to me, heaven help me…I flashed back to Good, Morning Vietnam and the comment about BJ’s. Given the numbers of women involved in the tea party groups, cutting off your nose will have consequences.

    • sirknob says:

      I can relate to that 🙂 I had to ask a few times myself. The sad part is, they recycle terms. While I may think I know the term, sometimes I have a different definition.
      There was a C & W song called ‘back when’ that was a little extreme, but the basis of the song was the singers perception of changing defintions. He missed back when a word meant something else.
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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