MSNBC Chris Matthews Claims Obama And Progessives Have Not Done Enough To Create A Socialist State

In this Townhall video clip, MSNBC host Chris Matthews (Mr Thrill down his leg for Obama) claims that Obama and Progressives have not done enough to create a Socialist State.

This is not the first time Chris Matthews has called for a Socialist State.  During the run up to ObamaCare, when the Democrats lost their 60th seat in the Senate, he lamented ‘people will remember you tried to create Socialism and failed’.

Matthews openly admits his support for Socialism when making offhand statements.  Support for Socialism is something he normally denies when questioned directly. 

His linking of Progressives and President Obama to Socialism, while not a revelation, is telling of his undying support for the Socialist agenda that is destroying this nation and further proof of his inability to offer an unbiased opinion on any political subject.

This is merely further evidence of the decline of modern journalism.  Had Chris Matthews and the rest of the lame stream been this honest in their support of Socialism, back in 2008, the political landscape of this country might look a bit different Today.

I knew President Obama was a Socialist, but I did the research.  The lame stream never vetted President Obama.  They spent more time vetting Joe The Plumber than they did Barrack Obama.  Now you why.

Of course, had everyone listened to Victoria Jackson we wouldn’t be in this mess 🙂

Okay, maybe not the best the spokesperson for the cause, but at least she is saying something.   She tried to make a difference and I give her credit for that 🙂  Had more people taken the time to speak out and make a difference, maybe we would have an educated congress instead this dysfunctional group of progessive children lacking spines, math and reading skills.  



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