Rep Alan Grayson Has Mental Breakdown Crashes Republican Meeting Asks Not To Be Interrupted

Rep Alan Grayson (D-Mental) crashed a meeting of the Orange County Republications to accuse them of spying on him.  When confronted he demanded that he not be ‘interrupted’. 

When asked, why he would not provide an explanation to his constituents on his recent voting patterns, he shot back “I do not owe them anything, they are trying to defeat me”.

If that wasn’t enough, he came back for more.  Though a trifle more civil this time, he becomes a jerk and trips off the line when he realizes they are recording him.

He seems very confident for a man that just interrupted a meeting while he was in the middle of a panic attack.  When discussing the upcoming  fall elections, he tells the Republicans that “there is way, way more, democrats in this district” and “you are denying reality”. 

Well gee Alan, the district you were elected to represent in 2008 was represented by a Republican for the 25 years prior to your election.  Who is really denying reality here.  Not that you seem to have a really good grasp on reality. 

Remember the time you dreamed up a Republican Health Care Plan from a blank piece of paper you picked up off the house floor.

Yep, that was you, on the house floor, not representing the people who elected you.  Unless, of course, you are so mentally unstable that you honestly believe your constituents wanted you to represent them by offering fictious stupidity in support of your paranoid delusions.

Mr. Grayson you are a US Congressman, but that doesn’t give you the right to trip off the line and tell a constituent to stop recording you.  When you are in public, you cannot decide who records you.  This is not a Socialist ruled state and you are not Joseph Stalin.  We still have that Constitutional Rights thing that you and your party haven’t finished destroying yet.

On the flip side, please continue your entertaining paranoid rantings for another 7 months, or so.  Then find yourself a nice, calm and peaceful place where the men in white coats can hopefully make you sane again.

UPDATE: When asked to comment on his behavior, in regards to this event, Grayson denied any wrong doing and responded “I think it is very revealing. The Republican Party seems to be returning to its Nixonian roots.  Corruption, lying, and spying. I thought they moved beyond that after Watergate, but I was wrong.”

Mr. Grayson, you are so wrong on so many levels.  Gee, no wonder you are uncomfortable with video tape.  I am just curious, in your paranoid delusions, are you perhaps wearing a mask and cape?


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