Health Care Bill Will Ban Doctor Owned Hospitals

Fred Lucas, a staff writer at CNSNews notes that the Health Care Bill Bans Doctor Owned Hospitals.

The new health care overhaul law, which promised increased access and efficiency in health care, will prevent doctor-owned hospitals from adding more rooms and more beds, says a group that advocates physician involvement in every aspect of health care delivery. 
Physician-owned hospitals are advertised as less bureaucratic and more focused on doctor-patient decision making. However, larger corporate hospitals say doctor-owned facilities discriminate in favor of high-income patients and refer business to themselves.
The new health care rules single out such hospitals, making new physician-owned projects ineligible to receive payments for Medicare and Medicaid patients.
Existing doctor-owned hospitals will be grandfathered in to get government funds for patients but must seek permission from the Department of Health and Human Services to expand. 
More than 60 doctor-owned hospitals across the country that were in the development stage will be canceled, said Molly Sandvig, executive director of Physician Hospitals of America (PHA). 
Further, these 260 doctor-owned hospitals in 38 states provide 55,000 jobs, $2.4 billion in payroll and pay $509 million in federal taxes, according to the PHA. 
Doctor-owned hospitals have long been a target of the American Hospital Association, which represents corporate-owned hospitals as well as non-profit hospitals. 

Well Nanny Pelosi (D-Obliviot) did say she would have to pass the bill in order to find out what was in it.  I think the more we find, the more the bill fails to pass the smell test.

The Democrats are counting on the people falling in love with the ‘affects’ the bill will have on health care.  This is one of the many ‘effects’ I do not see the people falling in love with.

As and aside, have you noticed the words American and Republican end in ‘I Can’, whereas the word Democrats end in ‘Rats’. 


3 Responses to Health Care Bill Will Ban Doctor Owned Hospitals

  1. Janelle Humbert says:

    Your last sentence should go viral……it’s too good.

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