Obama Executive Order Favors Union Labor For Government Contracts

Laura Ingraham posted Another Obama Favor For Unions.

Barely 15 percent of all construction-industry workers in the United States are union members, while the remaining 85 percent are nonunion, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. So why has President Obama signed Executive Order 13502 directing federal agencies taking bids for government construction projects to accept only those from contractors who agree in advance to a project labor agreement that requires a union work force? Obama’s new order applies to all federal construction projects with price tags of $25 million or more, and it means all such contracts will only be awarded to companies with unionized work forces.

Socialists love Union Labor.  Union Labor is one of the most destructive forces in the Socialist’s arsenal.  Union Labor triples the costs of doing business and forces many of our jobs overseas where the labor is cheaper and people actually have incentive to work.

During the fall of the Soviet Union their manufacturing industry came to a complete standstill.  One of the primary reasons for this was there was no incentive to perform.  Everyone was paid the same for simply showing up, regardless of whether they actually performed any work.

Why would one person work while others sat around doing nothing and received the same compensation.   Unions limit the work an employee is required to perform and in many cases will fine an employee for performing a simple operation that is not in the union contract.

I will use this joke for example, but in real life this happens in union shops every day.

A man sitting at a bus stop watching two city employees working in the roadway medium.  One employee was digging holes every 6 feet.  The other employee was filling in the holes once they were dug.  The man approached the two workers and asked ‘what are you doing’?  The lead man responded ‘we are planting trees’.  The man asked ‘where are the trees?”  The lead man responded ‘well, putting the trees in the holes is Harry’s job, but he has the day off, that shouldn’t mean that me and Earl can’t work’.

And that is how Union Labor performs a lot of tasks.  Anyone that has ever been in a Union shipyard will tell you that it is the most frustrating, time consuming and expensive operation on the planet.  Non-union yards can perform 5 times the work at half the costs.

Unions at one time had a purpose.  Today we have a government run Department of Labor (think OSHA) that controls what once was the lions share of Union responsibilities.  This leaves Union representatives with little more to do than make life miserable and costly for businesses while padding their own pockets from employee wages.

Like the ACLU, Unions have become a deficit to society.  They do more harm than good and rarely benefit anyone except the Union Elite.  In their present form many Unions have simply outlived their purpose.


2 Responses to Obama Executive Order Favors Union Labor For Government Contracts

  1. Janelle Humbert says:

    This Pittsburgh, Pa. woman knows full well how Unions grew into self serving hairballs. No steel, no aluminum, no coal, no paint, no glass, no manufacturing.
    Thank you, Unions, for a great idea which turned into a business all it’s own which produces nothing.

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