Our Lives, Our Fortunes And Our Sacred Honor, Election 2010

A little something to get you pumped up for the week and the 2010 election.

A little warning to the Socialist Democrats.  No one asked you to change this country.  Our fore fathers beat tyranny once, we will beat tyranny again. 

You have reached to far this time and exposed yourselves for the evil you are.  If you desire to live under Socialist policies I have a suggestion for you.  Leave.  There are several other countries you can destroy.

You are violent, irrational, illogical and unstable. 

Your Socialist polices have brought nothing but destruction to every society they have infected.

This is Hiroshima 50 years after the city was devastated by the atomic bomb.

This is Detroit MI after 50 years of Socialist Democrat experiments.  You remember, the socialist model city that you sunk billions of our tax dollars into.  The great Democrat Social Experiment that failed miserably.

This is what your Socialist policies have wrought upon those that believed in you.  America does not want this.  If you do, please leave, and leave us alone.  Because we will not allow this to continue.  Your policies have been measured and found to be un-American.


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