Hodge Podge Saturday 24 April 2010

Hello Friends, Neighbors, Countrymen and Social Misfits like myself.  Its time for another Saturday afternoon Hodge Podge.  If you’ve guessed that I am behind on my reading and posting you get bonus points for paying attention 🙂

Some days I just like to have fun with the news.  That is why I am stealing the following from Mr. Doug Ross and posting it here.  Thanks Doug 🙂


This week we celebrate a special birthday.
Monica Lewinsky turns 44.Can you believe it?

It seems like only yesterday she was crawling around the White House on her hands and knees, putting everything in her mouth.

They grow up so fast, don’t they?

Clifton B at Another Black Conservative posted the latest Republican Governor’s Campaign add ‘We Will Remember’.  I tried to embed the video a dozen different ways and ended up with nothing but lost time and effort.  I guess there are limitations to the software some choose to use 🙂  Looks like I am stuck using Ed Driscoll’s Beam Me Up Barry video.  We will simply call it my salute to Earth Day :–)

Yes, we celebrated another Earth Day and no one sent me card 😦  Of course, everyone who knows me, or has been reading my thoughtless drivel, knows exactly how I feel about the Socialist global warming hoax designed to redistribute wealth and make the Al Gores of the Earth billionaires.  But, gee after 100 Billion dollars of research one would think they would have one shred of evidence.  

Of course, it was only 100 Billion Dollars of real money.  Using government math they could have funded the whole thing for a buck forty-nine.

Okay, enough of that, back to the news 🙂  Rep Lamar Smith (R-TX) took the floor to note the difference in how the media treated President Bush and Enron, versus how they portray President Obama & Goldman Sachs.  You may recall Rep Smith started the congressional media bias caucus.

Hmmm, listening to Rep Smith one would get the idea that our media is somehow playing favorites, or something.  We  all know how honest and fair the lame stream media has been.  I mean, the Obama lap-dogs of main stream media would never shade the truth to protect their messiah.  Would they?

Breaking News out of Chicago suggests President Obama may have lied in regards to his personal involvement in helping former Governor Blogojevich select a replacement for the President’s former senate seat.  Gee, it’s not like our President has a track record of mis-truths or anything.

Mr. Doug Ross has a great post up on the counter-revolution that offers a pictorial view of how President Obama’s policies are effecting Americans.  Mr. Ross knows how to get his point across.  Whereas I, on the other hand, use cartoons and weak attempts at humor to make my point.

I guess that is why Mr. Ross’ blog does so much better than mine 🙂

Ms. Michelle Malkin’s latest post ‘John McCain will you go now’ takes a look at Senator McCain’s record of ever-changing positions and the excuses he offers for supporting TARP, Illegal Immigration and a host of others.  It is a good read.  I, on the other hand, believe we need a few Dinosaurs in the Senate to prevent the young hot heads from drawing lines and declaring war on each other.  That being said, I cannot really support the type of politician that Senator McCain has become.  If we have learned anything from the last election it should have been that ‘politicians will say anything to get elected’.

According to Gateway Pundit, Ms Sarah Palin is being protested in Oregon, with leftist waving ‘vile and violent’ signs.  Of course the media is all crickets chirping over this incident.  No bias there.  I do have to post this one picture.

Because it simply states how clueless some leftist are.  The sign reads ‘Eugene is a hate free zone’.  The sign is correct if  you ignore all the hate, and hate signs, going on behind it.  That is the problem with liberals.  Its is only wrong when somebody else disagrees with you.

I guess when you are an obliviot, it is easy to overlook the hate that surrounds you.  I have just a few observations.

Where are the people of color?

Why can’t these people spell?  Products of our modern Socialist education system?

You know the word ‘hope’ works a lot better without the Obama symbol.

Uh, Mr. Liberal atheist with the flag, you do know that the dove with the olive branch is a Christian symbol.  It relates back to Noah and the Ark.  It is not a symbol of protest. Of course you would know that if you were raised  and educated in the real World.

Okay, back to the basics 🙂  Mr. Ed Driscoll has a post up on how ‘The MSM Leaves South Park Creators Out To Dry’.  This is in to regards to Comedy Central’s censoring a portion of South Park’s latest episode which depicted Mohammad as a large teddy bear.  I find it ironic that South Park can poke fun at every race, religion, heritage and sexual persuasion, all except Islam.  That must be censored for some reason.  The people are Comedy Central are radical Islamic friendly cowards.  They are plain and simple cowards for crawling on their knees to Islamic interests.  Mr. Dan Savage thinks we should have a ‘Draw Mohammed Day’ and even Mr. Jon Stewart take Comedy Central to task for their cowardice.

 Well folks that is all I have time for Today.  I will try to leave you smiling with a few witty things I found while stumbling my way along the information super highway.  Thanks for reading 🙂

First up, if you want to know the real reason why we have skyrocketing health care costs, just watch this group of future Democrat voters that apparently have way too much time on their hands.

JibJab takes a look back at 2009.

And what would the week be without that crazy Japanese screaming guy.   Have a great day all 🙂


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