US Supreme Court Denies ACORN Constitutional Challenge

On Friday The US Supreme Court upheld a decision by The Federal Appellate Court in NYC which overturned a ruling, by Clinton-appointee Judge Nina Gershon, that claimed the government had the right and responsibility to fund ACORN.  By refusing to hear ACORN’s claim that is was un-Constitutional for Congress to cut off funding, The Court basically froze Judge Gershon’s ruling.

Several ACORN offices were caught red-handed on video tape assisting a would be pimp and prostitute with the necessary information to gain federal funding for a brothel that was to be staffed with under age illegal alien prostitutes.  ACORN employees went on to suggest ways the couple could hide their profits, avoid taxes and operate their illegal enterprise under government radar.

Like all good Socialist Obama supporters, ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis continues to use every means to drum up support for her dying organization.   Speaking at a recent Young Democrat Socialist meeting, she referred to the Tea Party Movement as a bowel movement and indicated her support for Socialism with the following statement “Any group that says, ‘I’m young, I’m Democratic, and I’m a socialist,’ is all right with me.” Here is the video.

While ACORN will certainly wither on the vine, its focus will live on in the many splinter groups created and supported by ACORN money.  Basically our tax dollars will simply go to the other organizations.

Tax dollars should not be used to support Socialist groups or groups that consider themselves above the law.  When groups like ACORN not only break the law, but are supported in breaking the law by the highest offices in government, it is time for citizens to take action.

Yes, Ms Lewis speaks out against The Tea Party because she fears The Tea Party.  She calls them racists, evil and hate filled.  Basically, she will say anything to draw the focus away from her group.  She knows that the people of The Tea Party have the government politics and socialist corruption that supported her illegal organization in their sights.  They are tired of paying for free rides via corrupt politicians and Socialist Elites.

The increasing power and influence of The Tea Party Patriots hopefully signals the death toll of the out of control Socialist programs that are draining this country dry and discriminating against the underprivileged by keeping them hooked on social programs.

Socialism never works. It always ends up hurting more than helping. History proves this to be true.


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