Democrats Are The Party Of Wall Street

President Obama can deny all that he likes.  The truth is that the majority of the Stimulus Money went into the pockets of his Socialist Benefactors and Wall Street Millionaires.  This was purposeful payback to the people who bought him the presidency.

In the President’s latest pack of lies, his new campaign speech, he talks of Main Street as if he knows it.  The truth is no one in the President’s cabinet is from Main Street.  They are all from Wall Street.  They spent the Stimulus money supporting the only game they know.  Our Turbo Tax Treasury Secretary is a Wall Street flunky that has never had a real job, never met a payroll and never owned a business.  His top 5 aids are also from Wall Street.

Our illustrious President has never ran anything more than a campaign.  He does not understand where money comes from.  The idea of earning a paycheck escapes the man.  He has survived on entitlements, underhanded deals, Chicago politics and the corrupts ideals of our nation’s Social Elite.  He is clueless when it comes to the economy.  He is clueless when it comes to Main Street.  He continues to insult Americans by lying to them about his Socialist intentions. 

While the White House is staffed with Socialists, Communists, Pedofiles and left wing whack jobs, not one person in the President’s Administration has ever experienced Main Street.  They have no understanding of Capitolism, small business needs, jobs or economical reality.  It is as foreign to them as sunshine in a cave.

My personal observation is that half of the White House staff could not pour water out of a boot if the directions were written on the bottom.  The other half would never even bother as simply approaching the problem of the boot would constitute a life experience they were never trained for.  We in the real World call this life experence Work.


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  1. Janelle Humbert says:

    Short, clear and well stated.

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