More Video Evidence That Reps Carson And Lewis Are Race Card Liars

Larry O’Conner at Big Government posted the following video of the now famous walk from the Cannon House to the Capital Building.  The video very clearly disputes the claims of racial slurs, made by Reps Carson and Lewis, and further indicates that their claims of being mobbed and their fears of rock throwing were entirely made up.

Keep in mind, as I pointed out earlier, there was absolutely no need for these gentlemen to walk into the Tea Party protest other than to create an incident.   They could have used the tunnels and entirely avoided the protesters.

Yes, there are tunnels connecting the buildings that they use every day.  In fact, lawmakers prefer the tunnels because it keeps them separated from the public.  Why on this particular day did they decide not to take their usual route to the Capital?  There can only be one reason and that reason is racism.    They wanted so badly to play the race card in order to make the Tea Party Protesters look bad, that they decided to confront the protesters and make the claim regardless of the outcome.  

The lame stream media stories were already in the works to cover the non-event.  The stories were written before the Reps even made the walk.  Now the lame stream provides cover by letting Carson and Lewis continue to change their stories un-challenged.  My guess is that Andrew Breitbart’s one hundred thousand dollar reward for video proof of the event is safe, as every liberal socialist that has made claim has been proven to be just another liar.

This is simply another fine example of the death of journalism in the lame stream media.  The media knew of the event before it occurred.  These radical congressmen knew the media would provide cover for them, otherwise they would have never falsely attempted to use the race card in front of so many witnesses and cameras.  

Dishonesty, it’s what our Socialist officials and government-run media do best.


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