Al Sharpton And Sheriff Joe Arpaio Square Off On Illegal Immigration

Mr. Al Sharpton threatens to travel to Arizona and interfere with Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s law enforcement efforts. 

The primary difference in the new Arizona law is that it allows Arizona law enforcement to ‘arrest’ illegal immigrants.  It makes being an illegal immigrant a State crime.   That is the only major change.

In the past, state and local law enforcement were required to offer illegal immigrants to federal law enforcement.  If federal law enforcement declined, as they often do, and the illegal immigrants were not being charged with other violations, they were set free.

The major issue is the security of the United States, not racial profiling.  Contrary to Mr. Sharpton’s false claim, the States do enforce federal laws.  In fact, the States are responsible for the execution of many of our federal laws.

Mr. Sharpton could care less about civil rights.  He makes his money by inciting public outrage.  He has been on the wrong side of the issue on several occasions and is responsible for the violent deaths of innocent people.   His type knows no shame.  However, they do know how to inject themselves into the conversation in order to make money.

President Obama’s has had people roaming the streets searching for any reason to file charges against Sheriff Joe for over a year and found no basis for a claim of civil rights violation. 

As for Mr. Sharpton’s threat of Freedom Marchers.  What does illegal immigration have to do with freedom?  People do not have the freedom to violate the law.  You cannot let people pick and choose which laws they will abide by and which laws they will break. 

Some in this nation desire the right to molest children, others to abuse animals, others want to drink and drive, should we allow them to ignore the law as well?  You cannot pick and choose which laws will be enforced.  That is anarchy.  That is a threat to the Constitution.

Mr. Sharpton, I understand you do not like the law.  However,  the people of Arizona do like the law.  If there comes a time that they do not like the law, they can change it.   That is in the Constitution.  

That is how the Constitution works.   Its true, I swear.  Don’t take my word for it, read if for yourself.  Uh, you can read can’t you?  I only ask that question because so many of our elected officials are incapable of reading.


4 Responses to Al Sharpton And Sheriff Joe Arpaio Square Off On Illegal Immigration

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  2. davisoftheapes1 says:

    I’d like to see Joe Arpaio as United States Attorney General. He is sensible, logical, doesn’t put up with any crap from anybody and really really pisses off the Left. Go, Joe go! You are da man!

    • sirknob says:

      Yes, the number one thing I like about Sheriff Joe is his approach to punishment. His jails deter crime. People do not want to revisit them. While others have prisoners in country club settings with all the conveniences, Sheriff Joe only gives them the bare essentials and they have to work for the rest. Even the prisoner TV only gets The Disney Channel. I like Sheriff Joe 🙂
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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