How Not To Profile

The MSM so wanted this to be a Tea Party member.  They just cannot come to terms with the idea that radical Islam is out to damage the US. 

From the moment it was reported that a ‘white male’ was a suspect in the NYC bombing attempt, the Democrats and MSM held high hopes that they would be able to blame the incident on either Tea Party members, militia or both.

Once the details of the bombing were known, and a suspect was named,  the MSM made known their displeasure that the suspect was not a Tea Party member or someone they could go after with gusto. 

Meanwhile, the administration officials took their usual stance that the system worked and they protected the country.

However, the system did not work. 

If the system had worked this person would have never gained citizenship.  As Ms Michelle Malkin notes, this person gained citizenship in 2008 through highly suspect means.

If the system had worked, this person would have been arrested prior to building the bomb.

If the system had worked this persons actions, travels and gathering of materials would have raised suspicions long before the event occurred.

If the system had worked, they would have been able to monitor the phone calls this person was making to Pakistan.  Of course, President Obama all but cancelled that program.

If the system had worked, this person would have been arrested prior to entering the security area of the airport.  He never should have made it to the plane.  How does he get a seat on an airplane when the feds are looking for him?

If the system had worked, people would know who the enemy is.  They would not be suspecting Tea Party members.

Once again, the bomb was not the only thing that did not work and we were dang lucky that it did not.  It had nothing to do with the system.  The system did not protect us.  The system failed us big time.  We were simply lucky that the bomb did not go off.

How many attempts do we allow them to get it right before we come to terms with the fact that we are at ‘war’ with Radical Islam? 

Radical Islam continues to plan ways in which to kill US Citizens.  Our clueless administration, Democrat officials and lame stream government controlled media have taken their eyes of the real enemies of this country and focus their ill attentions towards the patriots that are trying to save it.

What does it take to get these people to pay attention to the real enemies of this country?  Or, perhaps the real enemies of the this country are those that offer smoke screens and excuses for the actions of Radical Islam, while abetting their terrorist behaviors with political corrective bull crap and hoping that they can place the label of terrorism on the US Patriots that simply disagree with their Socialist intentions for this nation.


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