Rep Carter ‘Gulf Oil Spill Demands Restoration of Coast Guard Budget Cuts’

U. S. Representative John Carter (R-TX) is calling for the White House to restore Coast Guard Budget cuts.

Key House Appropriations Committee Member John Carter (R-TX) says the burdens placed on the U.S. Coast Guard by the Gulf oil spill demand Congress reject the Administration’s plan to slash the Coast Guard’s budget for fiscal year 2011.

“The U.S. Coast Guard response to this spill has been outstanding, but we cannot expect that capability to survive with the kind of draconian cuts requested by the Administration,” says Carter, a member of the Subcommittee on Homeland Security, which oversees Coast Guard funding. “The current budget plan to drop 1100 military personnel would have seriously jeopardized this level of response had those cuts been in place today.”

Carter says the Coast Guard is in dire need of increased funding, not cuts. The House Republican Conference Secretary inspected Coast Guard facilities in the Arctic last year, where new resources are badly needed to replace aging Coast Guard cutters and equipment under pressure from increased usage. In the Caribbean, 10 of 12 cutters dispatched as emergency relief following last year’s earthquake in Haiti suffered mechanical breakdowns. The average Coast Guard cutter is 41 years old, compared to the Navy’s 14 year average ship age.

The Obama Administration 2011 budget request would cut Coast Guard funding and personnel by 3%, dropping the department’s budget to $10.1 billion and around 42,000 personnel. Carter has called for restoration to a minimum level of last year’s 2010 budget with an inflation adjustment, with corresponding cuts elsewhere in the federal budget to compensate.

President Obama’s budget cuts will reduce Coast Guard active duty strength by 1100 and close one of the major coordination centers that handle the response to emergencies like the gulf oil spill.  It will also result in the decrease in the number of marine security units that will be available for emergencies and terrorist threats.

Maybe the President believes that a decrease in our country’s defense posture and response capabilities will appease the radical Islamist that want to kill us and discourage those that want to use our water boarders in order to transfer illegal drugs, weapons, illegal immigrants and terrorists to our shores.

It is exactly that kind of thinking that resulted in the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor in World War II.  If the President truly is a history buff, as claimed, he certainly has not learned anything from his studies.

With all the money these idiots wasted on the Census, and bailing useless Wall Street companies, one has got to believe there is funding available for Our Guardians.  If we cannot fund our defense, there is not much sense in funding anything else, as it is all subject to destruction by one senseless act of terrorism.


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