Pennsylvania To Follow Arizona With Immigration Enforcement Law

Pennsylvania State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe has introduced legislation,  modeled after Arizona law, that makes it against the law to be an illegal immigrant in the State.  The law simply allows state law enforcement officials to enforce  the federal laws that the US government will not.


The Arizona law has come under fire from pro illegal immigration advocates and the lame stream media.  While there is nothing in the law that promotes racism, in fact the law strictly prohibits racial profiling, the anti-American groups LA RAZA, Democrats, Socialists, the White House, race baiter Al Sharpton and government-owned media have decided to attack the law using the race card and hoping their lies will win the day over the people’s truths.

Over 60% of the US population, and over 70% of Arizona, support the new state law, as the federal government refuses to maintain border control.  People are tired of the illegal immigration issue and resent being referred to as racists for simply wanting a secure border and a lawful society. 

As Rep Metcalfe plainly stated, the law has noting to do with racism and everything to do with safety, security and respect for our laws.  ‘Someone with disrespect for our law is not going to make a good citizen.  We have lost Penn lives due to illegal immigrants that should not be in this country.  We want to take the handcuffs off of law enforcement in order to protect American lives, liberty and property through enforcement of our laws.’

One wonders, with unemployment at 9.9% (really 17%) how does the federal government justify an open border that allows illegal immigrants to enter our country, ignore our laws, and take jobs away from US Citizens.  Only in anti- American Socialist Democrat Bizarro World does that make sense.

As I have often stated, you cannot let people pick and choose which laws they will abide by.  That is anarchy.  It leads to the breakdown of civilization.   It is only the respect for the rule of law that allows us to live in a civilized society.

President Obama, no one in Arizona thinks this is funny, but I think you and your Socialist behavior are quickly becoming the worst joke ever played upon the American Public.


2 Responses to Pennsylvania To Follow Arizona With Immigration Enforcement Law

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  2. Janelle Humbert says:

    Bravo, Sir Knob!.

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