Arizona Immigration Law May Violate UN Law

An article at Red State by ELIANE ENGELER cites 6 unnamed UN experts as stating that Arizona’s new immigration law could violate international standards that are binding in the United States.

“A disturbing pattern of legislative activity hostile to ethnic minorities and immigrants has been established with the adoption of an immigration law that may allow for police action targeting individuals on the basis of their perceived ethnic origin,” the experts said.

Arizona’s new sweeping law targeting illegal immigration has provisions that include requiring police enforcing another law to question a person about his or her immigration status, if there is “reasonable suspicion” that the person is in the United States illegally. It also makes it a state crime to be in the country illegally.

In their statement, the six U.N. experts said: “States are required to respect and ensure the human rights of all persons subject to their jurisdiction, without discrimination.

“Relevant international standards require that detention be used only as an exceptional measure, justified, narrowly tailored and proportional in each individual case, and that it be subject to judicial review,” the experts said.

First, the UN is the biggest joke on the planet when it comes to human rights.  Some of the worst human rights violators on the planet are major members on the UN human rights committees. 

The UN recently sat Iran at the table on women’s rights.  In Iran women do not have equality, they are restricted in freedom and violated for the sinful hearts of the sexually frustrated and paranoid men in power.

Second, this is the United States of America.  We have human right laws that go far above and beyond anything the UN is capable of enforcing.  Our track record on basic human rights is based on a Constitution that was written in the blood of patriots.  Generations of Americans have sacrificed blood and treasure in order to keep that document whole.

Third, the Arizona immigration law passes Constitutional muster.  If some jerkoffs at the UN believe the Arizona law is in violation of international treaties, then our federal immigration laws and our entire Constitution must be in violation of international treaties as well.

Fourth, the US immigration law is one of the mildest on the planet.  Mexico, a nation that violates the human rights of immigrants on a daily basis, has a set of the strictest and most discriminatory immigration laws on the books.

Fifth, this is a sovereign nation with a Constitution.  Any international law that violates our nation’s Constitution cannot be enforced upon our citizens.  No President, no members of congress and no one individual has the right to enter a treaty that violates the U. S. Constitution. 

So either the UN treaty is in violation of our law, or was entered into in violation of our law, or most likely 6 unnamed and clueless UN ‘experts’ are talking out their behinds and should keep their socialist anti-American opinions to themselves.

That is my two cents worth 🙂



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