Illegal Immigrant Worked At Reagan Airport And Voted

According to The Washington Examiner an illegal immigrant from Bolivia was able to sneak across the Mexican border, buy fictious documents and pass himself off as a U. S. Citizen. 

When discovered, he was holding a security clearance and working at the Ronald Reagan National Airport as a custodian.  His status may have never been discovered had he not applied for a higher security clearance that would have enabled him to work in the most sensitive areas of the airport.

He was able to obtain a Social Security Card and voted in the 2008 national elections.  

The latest PEW poll indicates that a large majority supports the Arizona Immigration law and wants the federal government to control the border.
Even the Democrats support the bill by a majority.
This has to make one wonder what is on the minds of the government officials that support open borders and illegal immigration.  They certainly are not representing the voters on either side of the aisle.  I suspect the 2010 national elections are going to be a blood bath for the open borders crowd.

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