We Can Take Someone’s Life, But Cannot Ask For Their Papers

Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu appeared on Fox News with Megan Kelly and asked President Obama ‘why not stand up for American Citizens instead of kicking us in the chops?’

Sherriff Babeu is responding to recent comments by Attorney General Eric Holder who has been very critical of the Arizona Immigration Law in the press, however, admitted during congressional testimony that he has, in fact , never read the 10 page law. 

The Sheriff asks ‘how is it the top prosecutor in the country has not read the law’?

Sheriff Babeu notes that they have had officers and citizens killed, car jackings, home invasions and have asked for troops in order to protect the citizens of Arizona, but the White House has mostly turned a deaf ear to the problems Arizona is facing with the mass influx of illegal immigrants and the ever-increasing crime they are bringing to the State.

The Sheriff believes the White House is undermining the rule of law and is more interested in protecting terrorists than protecting American Citizens.  ‘We are profiling criminals, not behavior.  Absent federal action, local law enforcement must protect its’ Citizens.’

Possibly the most powerful statement in the argument so far is Sheriff Babeu’s association of responsible behavior.   “Law enforcement officers in this country have the awesome authority of making a decision to take someone’s life, but are we not to be trusted to make an unbiased decisions on when to ask for someone’s papers?”

Over 1/2 of the illegal immigrants entering the United States each year make their entry along the Arizona border.   The state is now known as the ‘kidnap capital of America’.   approximately 1/3 of the inmates incarcerated for crime in Arizona State Prisons are illegal immigrants. 

What I find amazing is the lack of concern on the part of the federal government.  As Sheriff Babeu noted, The White House is more concerned with the rights of terrorists than they are with protecting the citizens of the United States.

Recent testimony by AG Holder and others reveals a White House that does not know who the enemy is, cannot define the enemy, will not label the enemy out of concerns for their feelings, and is out of touch with the concerns of the public when it comes to terrorists rights, sealing the borders and protecting our nation.

There are few security issues facing this nation that cannot be improved by sealing the border.  Whether it be illegal immigrants, an influx of terrorists, weapons of mass destruction, guns, bombs, drugs and criminals evading prosecution, sealing the border greatly reduces the theat.

Proper management of our nation’s borders is paramount to protecting our citizens.   Reducing the ability of illegal immigrants to come and go as they please, while flaunting our nation’s laws, will greatly enhance our safety and security and provide incentives for those seeking citizenship to do so through legal means.

People who have no respect for the rule of law, or our nations sovereignty, will not make good citizens.  The addition of millions to our nation’s poverty count at a time of record unemployment will only delay, if not prevent, any chance of real economic recovery.  Anyone who deny this fact is not living in a realistic World and need not be in a position to attack the responsible actions of others who are attempting to protect Americans from the path of certain destruction that our current administration has placed us on.

President Obama and AG Holder are playing a dangerous game of politics with the future of the United States.  They prefer to punish patriots and award terrorist and illegal behavior.   Their ignorance is unappealing, their actions questionable, their allegiance under question and the reeking failures of Socialism throughout the World are proving their radical agenda to be a hopeless failure.

Mark Twain once said ‘God made the idiot for practice and then he made the school board’ community organizers’ 🙂 


3 Responses to We Can Take Someone’s Life, But Cannot Ask For Their Papers

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  2. Janelle says:

    Second amendment, anyone….more and more I see this and I’m going to join the ranks.

    • sirknob says:

      I am a huge fan of the second amendment. While I believe weapons should only be owned by responsible law abiding citizens, I do not support laws that harm only the law abiding, as criminals do not obey the law. Car accidents kill more people than are killed with guns, yet no one seems to be willing to restrict car ownership. Go figure. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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