CNN Not Only Losing On TV As Web Viewers Decline By 7 Million

According to a recent post, on CNN Political Bias Watch, CNN is not only losing television viewers, their website viewership is down 7 million from July 2009.

As we have been reporting here, CNN is becoming a disaster.  Their viewership on TV is degrading and is dead last in almost all programming hours. Even Fox News’ Red Eye program which airs at 3AM EST beats CNN 8PM primetime programming in demographics.  Embarrassing.  But now, there’s more.  CNN has, over the course of the last 8 months, lost over 7,000,000 unique visitors to their website.  That means that the 7 million people who were visiting their website, are now, not.  Where’d they go?

The right has never been a fan of CNN in the first place.  The amount of viewership that CNN has remaining, it would be a safe bet that a majority are not center-right or right leaning people.  But as we discussed before, the right is increasing its sources for news.  Breitbart, HotAir, DailyCaller are all taking off with their visitorship increasing day by day.  So now, the right has more places to go then it did before–and in the process, leaving CNN behind.

Well, when you post anything that appears on a left wing bias political site, such as Huffington Post, as factual reporting, people soon get wise to the idea that you are more interested in politics than journalism.

When you have on air talent such as Rick ‘cannot locate Hawaii on a map’ Sanchez and Susan ‘I hate The Tea Party’ Roesgen, is it any wonder that people do not take you seriously, that they tune you out?  Journalism should be about truth and fact, not political spin.

I honestly admit that I rarely watch anything on main stream media these days because they seldom tell the truth about anything.  I’ve learned from first hand experience that they will alter facts to support their leftist political agenda, regardless of the damage done, or the people they intentionally hurt.  Main stream media cannot be trusted to offer the facts on any news event.

I often hear of news items that I would like to post, but unless I can verify the information I am very reluctant.  For instance, there is a story going around the web  in regards to President Obama’s Social Security Number.  The story claims the President has a number that is only assigned to people residing in the State of Connecticut.   The President has never lived in Connecticut.  The story goes on to claim that the number was assigned a couple of years after the President claims to have had his first job.  Though I am not a birther, this is juicy story if true.  I cannot find verification to the claim.  Therefore, I did not do a post on this claim and I  cannot vouch for the accuracy of the story.  I wish I could, but I cannot.

Have I  posted an item without verification.  Of course, Noah’s Ark is a perfect example.  I want the story to be true and it does not hurt anyone, but me, by posting it.  And therein lies the difference.

I predict with the losses suffered by main stream media and daily newprint that the left will push hard for bailouts and the revival of the ‘fairness doctrine.  Or as I refer to it ‘The Socialist Media Protection Act’.  Look for Hugo Chavez, I mean, President Obama to begin pushing for regulation through the FCC in order to promote the unfairness doctrine as it has no chance in hades of getting passed in the Senate.

As for CNN, their liberal bias broke it, they are the weakest link and eventually they will either turn Conservative or go bye bye 🙂


4 Responses to CNN Not Only Losing On TV As Web Viewers Decline By 7 Million

  1. […] CNN Not Only Losing On TV As Web Viewers Decline By 7 Million … […]

  2. […] CNN Not Only Losing On TV As Web Viewers Decline By 7 Million … […]

  3. Janelle says:

    Hmmm, SirKnob, I caught that post and can’t remember where I saw it. But it’s enough for me that Obama has his entire past under seal. Given his not so humble attitude, there is a virtual Pandora’s box of problems in it.

    • sirknob says:

      Yes, I have to agree, he is hiding something more than his Socialism. Like most things, the truth will eventually come out, but I doubt it will be main stream media that covers it.
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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