Hodge Podge Sunday 22 May 2010

Hello Friends and Neighbors.  The old Knob’s video file was filling up and I was behind on my postings, so it seemed like a perfect time for another Hodge Podge Sunday.

First up, Arizona Governor Brewer had this to say in response to the White House’s latest criticism of Arizona’s new Immigration Law.

I am beginning to think that highly schooled Democrats and lame stream media simply just do not know how to read.  Maybe they cannot.  Afterall, they have destroyed the education system to the point of illiteracy. 

Okay, I do not think they are incapable of reading.  I simply believe they are incapable of reading and comprehending what they have read.  Which would explain a lot of things.  Like their continued experiments with Socialism, knowing that Socialism has never worked.  Not one time in recorded history.

Oh well, hopefully the Socialist experiments will be over after November and we can start repairing the damage.

We can start by clearing house at the job killing EPA.

Then take back our stolen health care.

Rep Tom McClintock (R) California, yes that is correct, California has a few voting Republicans, who would have thought, anyway, Rep McClintock offered strong exception in response to Mexican President Calderon’s criticisms of the US and the Democrats giving Calderon a standing Ovation for those criticisms.

I fully agree with Rep McClintock.  Calderon has no business criticizing US law in our own congress.  We get enough of that from our own elected officials.

Calderon is a liar.  He purposely sends his uneducated masses, criminals, undesirables and radicals to the US.  They break the law in coming here and many continue to break the law while they are here.  They get free food, free housing, free medical care and several other socialist benefits and then, rather than spend money here, they send money home to help support their families.  We, the American taxpayers, get the bill for their support.

The United States is Mexico’s Welfare Plan.

Of course Calderon explained how well Mexico enforces its’ immigration law.  Rush had this to say.

Hmm, must fill out a form, have a criminal background check.  Police check suspects for immigration papers and they deport people who are there illegally.  Gee, if only we could mirror Mexico’s immigration law.  The Libs would be okay with that wouldn’t they?

I agree with Rush, Calderon is a major liberal idiot.

Mr. Doug Ross has a great post up on the sinking Democrat Socialist Utopia of California.    Rather than reduce benefits and government spending, California will increase taxes, lower law enforcement and cut the prison budget.  Yep, that will work California.  Well, it didn’t work the last one hundred times you tried it, but that has never stopped your liberal insanity.  Hey, with a little luck, or lack thereof, you may get that state unemployment rate up to 50%, then none of you will have to work.

Well, that is all I have time for today folks.  I will leave you with a few humorous videos to help you face the day 🙂

First up, Human Tetris.  And you thought blocks were just for play time and video games 🙂

Man, that game has groin pull written all over it.

Second, and unfortunately last for today, another one of those Asian game shows that would get you sued in the USA.  It’s iguana time 🙂

Gee, Barney Frank has lost some weight, or was that just another Wall Street Banker looking for somebody’s pocket to pick?

Have a great Sunday Everyone.  Thanks for reading 🙂


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