Is The Obama Administration Lawless Or Clueless?

Mr Charles Krauthammer had the following response to the Obama’s Administration’s announcement that they ‘may’ not accept illegal immigrants from Arizona.

To quote Mr. Krauthammer “I think it is a perfect example of arrogance and near lawlessness of this administration”.

I have to agree.  The Arizona Immigration Law is the Law in Arizona.  It mirrors federal immigration law with one exception.  It authorizes Arizona State Law Enforcement to enforce federal immigration laws.

President Obama is treading on thin ice here.  This is a direct violation of the equal protection clause of the U. S. Constitution.    While The President can, to a certain extent, ignore the enforcement of certain laws, he cannot enforce the law in 49 states and refuse to enforce the law in one state simply because he feels like it.

That is not only arrogant and unlawful.  It is also plain moronic. 

The simple truth is, the Arizona law upsets Obama’s illegal immigrant amnesty plan.   One would think he would welcome the discussion.  However, President thin skin not only wants the credit for solving the immigration problem, he wants as many illegal immigrants as possible in the country when he grants them amnesty.   He is looking at adding up to 40 million illegal immigrants to the Democrat voter roles.  It is just that simple.

As an aside, I live in Prince William County Virginia.  Prince William County passed a similar law over 3 years ago.  We also gave our local law enforcement the authority to question immigration status.

The public meeting leading up to the vote was a real dog and pony show.  La Raza bussed in several hundred Mexican Flag waving Hispanics and they protested loud and strong.  They too made the same accusations of racist and racial profiling that they are now using against Arizona.  However, at the end of a very long day, justice won.  The law passed.

The results speak for themselves.  We experienced a 19% drop in crime.  Though property rates initially dropped, they were the first to begin to rise after the market crash.  Motor vehicles accidents dropped 24%.  The need for second language English courses in our schools have dropped sharply.

And guess what, there have been no substantiated claims of racial profiling.  Why, because the law is no different from federal law, or Arizona law.

Don’t get me wrong.  Prince William County has a healthy Hispanic population, but the majority of them are hard-working U. S. Citizens.   What we do not have is illegal immigrants openly violating our laws and taking advantage of our taxpayers.

The majority of the illegal immigrants running away from Prince William County settled in, illegal immigrant friendly, Fairfax County.  Fairfax County crime rates rose 21% in one year.

Now, I ask you, where are the boycotts?  Where is the President with his threats, his arrogance and his blather.  Where is the President of Mexico and the Democrats giving him a standing ovation for denouncing US Law?

They are not about to notice Prince William County because it kills their message.  It proves that the enforcing the laws we already have work.  It takes away their need for new immigration laws that will include amnesty.

We do not need new immigration laws.  We need to take control of the border and enforce the laws we have.  Like most things, enforcing the law works.  Honest, it really does. I’ve seen it happen 🙂


2 Responses to Is The Obama Administration Lawless Or Clueless?

  1. Janelle says:

    If that isn’t the truth! We really have little need for new laws or legislation……enforcing what is in place and eliminating what has failed should be a priority for the Congress we elect……same goes for them.

    • sirknob says:

      Yes, if we simply enforce the laws we have it will go a long way towards correcting the problems. Gun control for instance, in DC, in only 3% of the gun crimes, do they prosecute for a gun violation. Gun violations come with a mandatory prison sentence. We do not need new gun laws, we need to enforce the ones we have and see if that works. But, I regress lol. Thanks for the comment, hope you have a great day 🙂

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