Times Square Bomber Accomplice Was A Known Illegal Immigrant

Tuesday 25 May 2010

A little reported fact that you will not see in the lame stream media.  According to Judicial Watch, the police knew the Time Square Bomber’s accomplice had entered the country illegally and failed to take any action.  Boston is a well-known ‘sanctuary city’.  Like Los Angeles and San Francisco, they are willing to turn their heads to crime and allow their citizens to suffer the consequences.

In an alarming example of how sanctuary cities can protect terrorists, a Pakistani man arrested for the Time Square bombing admitted on a city license application that he entered the U.S. illegally and authorities took no action.

That’s because he applied for the cabbie license in a state (Massachusetts) that openly protects illegal immigrants from deportation. Local law enforcement agencies throughout Massachusetts have don’t-ask-don’t-tell policies regarding illegal aliens and in this case the Boston Police Department has for years known that the terrorist, So Pir Khan, was in the country illegally.

Khan was recently arrested in a FBI terror sweep for his involvement in the Time Square bombing earlier this month. The Boston cab driver is one of three men who funneled money to the fellow Pakistani terrorist (Faisal Shahzad) who tried to blow up New York’s Time Square with a series of bombs hidden in a sports utility vehicle.

When Khan applied for a license to drive a taxi, he admitted in writing that he had come to the United States illegally in 1991. In fact the Boston Police Hackney Division approved Khan’s license to drive a taxi 13 times since he first applied in 1997. (I wonder how many times he was allowed to vote?)

There’s more alarming information about Khan that was disregarded by Boston authorities. As a gas-station employee he somehow had enough cash to buy $190,000 worth of shares in Boston taxi medallions, according to one news report, that points out no red flags were raised. Khan doubled his money just a few years later when he sold the shares, but no one bothered to look into the matter.

Massachusetts is hardly alone in protecting illegal immigrants. Nationwide there are dozens of cities and counties that offer them sanctuary, mostly by protecting them from authorities and giving them taxpayer-financed public services. Among them are most California cities, Utah’s two largest municipalities (Provo and Salt Lake City), Chicago, the District of Columbia and New Haven Connecticut to name a few. They could are easily be protecting terrorists.

Now many of you may be asking why would any city victimize their populace by allowing illegal immigrants to flourish within their jurisdiction.

The answer to that is simple, Money.  Federal tax dollars are doled out based on the amount of people within the city, not the number of citizens.  Greedy politicians will use the tax dollars for Socialist benefits that are designed to increase their power and enrich their friends and repay special interest groups.  The taxpayers end up shouldering the burden for illegal immigration.

With the State of California in bankruptcy, and many others soon to follow, one would think they would enforce the law and reduce the amount of illegal immigrants within their boundaries in order to reduce their deficits.  As recently demonstrated in California and New Jersey,  Socialist Democrats are not at all interested in reducing spending.  They continue to submit new law after new law in an attempt to increase taxes in order to cover their budget deficits.

They have done this several times over the past decade and the results are amazing.  Businesses close and relocate in places with a lower tax burden.  The wealthy simply pick up and move to another state.  Other industries outsource and the results are always the same.  Less tax revenue.

And what is the Socialist Democrat’s answer to that.  Why of course, lets increase taxes and fees.  It hasn’t worked yet, but that logic escapes them and has never stopped them.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Ms Michelle Malkin has a post up on another immigration and customs non-enforcement, sanctuary city abetted, senseless violent crime. This person has been deported more than 10 times.  He had 30 aliases and police could only identify him through fingerprints.

Madrigal’s arrest and immigration record includes a staggering number of contacts with law enforcement since 1989. That’s the year he was convicted of theft using a firearm in California. He was deported a couple of times after that. Then in 1999, he was arrested for drug sales in both San Diego and San Francisco. Records show that he was deported three times that year between April and August. He was arrested for drugs again in Stockton, Calif. in 2000. In 2002, he pleaded to third degree sexual assault in Denver. Later that year, he was deported again. And in 2003, records show he was deported three more times.

Now here is a known gang member, convicted of drugs, illegal weapons and violent crimes.  He is in the country illegally and has been deported on several occasions.  But, what do sanctuary cities do? they harbor the criminal?  They allow the drugs and violence to continue unabated.  Yet they hold their hands out each year for more law enforcement, more equipment, more taxes and more federal money.  Do you see a pattern here?

The truth is elected officials need public outrage to get the votes, thus they need crime and issues.  They also need money and power.  The legal system in most major metropolitan areas need a 5% crime rate to sustain the defense lawyers, judges and prosecutors.

Using the old hand in hand, you wash my back and I will wash yours, the police make the bust and get the headlines, which then allows the elected officials to present the problem to the public in order to get their support.  Then the lawyers and trial judges simply return the criminal to streets as quickly as possible in order to keep the crime levels up.

The results, no decrease in crime, more public outrage, more public support and more tax dollars.

The big winners in the scenario are the trial lawyers.  Of course, they donate heavily to the re-election coffers of the political elites that allow the cycle to continue.

Sceptical?  Do me a favor.  The next time you see a headline stating that crime rates have dropped below 4%, watch the news the next couple of days.  I guarantee you the talking heads will be making the claim that the prisons are overcrowded and we need to release prisoners.  It is the humane thing to do.

In reality, the prison are not overcrowded, and besides that prisons are supposed to be punishment, not a country club, no the reality is that lawyers are not making as much money.  They need to get the crime rates up.  It is as simple as that.

As Mr. Doug Ross notes in his recent post The Cost of Illegal Immigration, sanctuary for illegal immigrants is costing the states billions of dollars a year.  These costs are unfunded and usually placed upon the tax payer either by an increase in taxes, or an increase in fees and utility costs.

The cost in human lives may never really be known, as it seems they are only reported when it is something exceptional.

To recap, illegal immigration costs this nation its’ treasure, its’ citizens lives and the respect that everyone should have for the rule of law.  It is a lose, lose, lose situation that must be corrected not by the drafting of new laws, but by the enforcing of the existent laws.

As I have stated in the past, it is time to take control of the borders and enforce the law.  It will save us billions.  It is just that simple.


4 Responses to Times Square Bomber Accomplice Was A Known Illegal Immigrant

  1. Janelle says:

    Calderon, take Obama, please.

    • sirknob says:

      Gee, if only it was that simple. I wonder if we offered him California to sweeten the deal. Of course, we would want to maintain the mineral rights off the coast. Thanks for the comments, hope you have a great day 🙂

  2. This could be the earliest time I have commented right here and I ought to say you give genuine, and high quality facts for bloggers! Fantastic job.

  3. I am exceedingly astounded that our judicial system required this much time for Mr. shahzad to confess to the times square bombing. I still can’t believe it, In reality, I only was about two from him. It’s a bit worrying to acknowledge that this sort of terrorist act can be proceeding in my own city in Bridgeport. I’m grateful that no one was injured in the undertaken terrorism, if some of these New Yorkers were not so watchful, that day might have had an entirely different look.

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