Did The SEIU Protest At A Personal Residence Go Too Far?

Found Bloggers asks people on the street the question ‘did the SEIU protests at the personal residence of a Bank of America Executive go to far’?

We hit the streets of Chicago to gauge people’s reaction to the recent mob-action-style protests organized by National People’s Action (NPA), SEIU, and potentially the White House.

Almost everyone we spoke with believes going to the private home of a bank employee is deplorable.

Almost everyone we spoke with thinks politicians shouldn’t take money from or support groups that use mob tactics like this.

One responder says ‘maybe the FBI should investigate, but I don’t know, I don’t have any faith in the federal government anymore’.

‘I don’t have any faith in the government anymore’.    That is phrase I hear quite often these days as our government has turned a deaf ear to the majority of the people.

Reading Fox News this morning I note a few of the top headlines.  40 Million on food stamps.  The NYT Nobel Prize winner stating that we are not Greece, basically the same thing cannot happen here.  The President becoming irritated with a heckler.  And it goes on.

What do all these thing have in common?  Protesting.

What happens if they turn off 40 Million food stamp recipients, or if merchants will no longer accept food stamps because they are worthless?  What happens when Union Thugs incite violence because they refuse to accept a pay, or benefit, reduction in order to stay employed?  What happens when the President is so thin-skinned, that he displays contempt and irritation for a common heckler?  And should I even mention, what happens when people are losing homes and unemployed, but the Social Elite throw huge club parties at the White House, then go on vacation, rather than deal with the multiple of problems this nation is facing?  What happens when a government turns a deaf ear to the desires of the people?

What happens in a legal society is, the people are allowed to protest.  But, legal protesting, like most things, have rules that the protestors must abide by.

A legal protest normally requires an application and approval from local authorities.  The application will state the date, time limits and boundaries of the protest.  Local authorities will notify people and business that may be affected by the protest.  They will also supply necessary law enforcement in order to maintain law and order. 

The protesters will be allowed to march, or make speeches, or public gestures, based on the limits of the permit and all applicable public laws.

Why do I point this out?  Because the SEIU invasion of a residential neighborhood was an ‘illegal’ protest.  There was no permit issued, or requested.  No one in the neighborhood had a clue they were coming.

The protesters, numbering somewhere in the neighborhood of 500, were bused into the Maryland suburb under the escort of DC Metro Police Officers.   They left the buses and gathered on the lawn and front porch of a personal residence.   The uninvited leaders stood on the front porch of this personal residence and used bull horns to give speeches and incite the crowd. 

They had no right to be there.  For all practical purposed they were trespassing.  This was not a protest, it was an invasion of privacy and a threat of harm.

The DC Metro Police do not have the authority to monitor protests in the State of Maryland.  Maryland public authorities were not informed of this event.

This was an illegal mob action by a group of Union thugs that were paid to harass and intimidate a specific targeted individual.  This was not a legal protest.  This was a criminal violation of the law that was supported by law enforcement officials that choose to ignore the rule of law. This was anarchy, pure and simple, the type one expects to find in a third world nation where one has to buy police protection.

Though the event did get a bit of local press, it was largely ignored by the lame stream media.  Go figure.  Could you imagine the media reaction if the Tea Party had staged an illegal stunt like this?

As election time draws near we can look forward to more illegal actions on the part of Union thugs that support the Socialist takeover of this nation and choose to use the power of intimidation, rather than even attempt to debate their defenseless and selfish positions.

While I do not find the actions of the lame stream media surprising.  I do find the actions of law enforcement quite alarming and reminiscent of the actions of the Socialist Police tactics utilized in many nations that are, or have been, controlled by dictators the likes of Hugo Chavez, or even Adolf Hitler for that matter.

We cannot allow actions like these to continue unchallenged.  Protesting is one thing.  Illegal mob actions that are protected by government enforcers constitute the end of the personal protections and rights of a free society. 

Vote in November 2010.


2 Responses to Did The SEIU Protest At A Personal Residence Go Too Far?

  1. Janelle says:

    The SEIU continues to damage itself spectacularly. Trampling all over the lawn of a private residence only reinforces their already bad reputation.

    • sirknob says:

      Yes, Union Thugs certainly fits the description in the case of SEIU. What bothers me is, after they spent 100s of millions of dollars helping to buy the Democrats control of government, now they are atticipating their part of a 185 billion dollar union bailout. Guess is pays to mismanage other people’s money if you are part of the Socialist gang.
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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