DC MD Police Sanction SEIU Home Invasion Tactics

DC and MD Police Chief’s appeared on Fox News with Megyn Kelly in order to defend their actions, or inactions, when the SEIU stormed the private home of a Bank of America Executive.

So, according to the chief, the police cannot arrest a robber coming out of a bank because they did not witness the crime.  He is full of it and lying through his teeth.   His officers did not react, because they were ordered not to react.   They, or someone above them chose not to enforce the law.

The DC assistant police chief first lies, then targets bloggers calling them liars.  The fact is, at least one, if not three, DC police officers were in MD, at or very close to the residence where the protestors were.

Note, toward the end, the MD police chief said that the protesters apparently were going somewhere else, or had other things to do, when they departed.   Did this idiot have any concern at all of what, or where, the buses where going?  Wouldn’t it have been prudent to know, or find out, who their next target is?  Isn’t that the role of law enforcement, especially if their intent on enforcing the law, protecing citizens and keeping the peace?

We are left to assume one of two things in regards to this issue and neither are good.

1.  Either the police abetted the criminals in this case.   Which is very possible based on the ‘I could really care less’ response of both police chiefs.

2.  These are the most imcompetent and easily intimidated police forces in the country. 

Either way it is a loss for law and order.  Not to mention the basic rights of the individual.

According to the MD police chief these 500 protestors could have been sacrificing animals and burning crosses and he could care less.  His officers didn’t see it, no harm no foul.

Of particular note, the mention that the protestors had both their police liason and their attorney present.   This leads me to believe that both of the police chiefs are taking their instructions from the SEIU and not the laws, or desires, of the people they have sworn to protect.

On the day in question.  The police failed to protect a private citizen, but did manage to protect the protestors from any legal action.   Of course their response to any critism will be ‘I was just doing my job’, except they were not 🙂

Nothing to see here folks, just a group of union thugs violating the law, intimidating private citizens, scaring children and expressing the freedom of speech we will not allow you to have, move along, nothing to see here.  

Makes one wonder who the police are taking their cues from.


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