We Have Not Taught This Generation What It Means To Be An American

Mr. Dennis Prager, during a question and answer period at University of Denver, relates that we have not taught American values and what it means to be an American to this Generation.  He also relates difference in thinking between liberals and conservatives.

‘The bigger the government the worse the citizen’.  I could not agree more.  One of the problems in modern Greece is the government controlled everything.  When the government failed, everything failed.  When the government asked for help from the people, the people said no.

‘A woman who banned the military from a college campus, that Democrats sanction this, that this is not disqualifying, is a moment of darkness in American History’.  President Obama basically nominated himself to the Supreme Court.  This woman is a hard leftist Socialist liberal with a very thin resume and a history of activism.  The worst choice possible for a free nation.

‘This November is a referendum on what we want America to be’.  Yes, we change the government now, or we become a Socialist Nation of has beens forever.

‘You can love America and be an awful person’.  This is true.  I know many that were willing to sacrifice their lives for this country, but they were not very nice people.  Also, taking into account our Socialist and dysfunctional education system, you cannot expect anyone to graduate with less than extreme views.

‘Because they like to distort everything we say’.  Yes, the Alinski method is the tried and true way for Democrats.  They know they cannot debate the issues, because they will lose on substance.  So they merely change the message of those who oppose them and count on the cover of the government-owned media to continue the lie.

‘If we do not change both houses we lose’.   Yes, he is basically stating that if Conservatives do not take control now, two more years of Obama politics will result in a permanent Socialist Government that controls everything and everyone.

‘No one has ever said that Norway, Sweden or Denmark is the last best hope of mankind’.  This goes back to gist of the article.  Current generations cannot see through Socialist Liberal view of this nation and take notice that we are the light of freedom in the modern World.  No other nation in history has sacrificed so much for the freedoms of others.  No other nation will.

‘Peace activist did not liberate Auschwitz’.  ‘The left have everything wrong’.  The leftist have this flawed thought process that believes if we all simply sit down, and sing Kum Baya, everyone in the World will get along just fine.  Sorry, but that is not human nature.  There are radicals who want to kill people simply because they do not worship the same way.  There are radicals who believe music is evil.  You are not going to change their minds by simply being friendly to them.  This has not worked with criminals, it will never work with terrorist or dictators.

‘America is the last best hope of mankind’.  All of Europe and most of Asia depend on America for defense.  Socialist Europe could not exist today if they had to pay for their own defence.   Without the US backing them up, Russia would simply take all of Europe. China would take all of Asia.  There would be no freedom in the World.

‘The President does not believe in American Exceptionalism’.  This President does not like America as is.  He wants to change it into a Socialist hell hole,  based on some twisted view he has that will allow the Social Elites to continue business as usual, while average Americans will see their lifestyles in reverse and their wealth transferred to other nations.  He will enrich the World by doing away with the American middle class and destroying the American process for success. 

‘The Left believes that the UN is the best hope of mankind.   The UN who just elected Iran to the UN Commission on Women’s Rights’.  The UN is a joke.  The UN is the most corrupt liberal organization on the planet.  Over half the money that is dumped into the UN, on an annual basis, goes unaccounted for.  Foreign aid that does make it to its’ original destination often goes into the pockets of dictators and corrupt UN employees.  The UN is anti-American, Anti-Israel and Anti-free speech.  The troops they send to protect people often end up robbing and raping the populace, while being totally unconcerned with defending them.  The UN is incapable of bringing the World peace, hope and freedom.

‘Who is the greater good, the US or the UN’.  The US is the most charitable nation on Earth.  Without US aid people in third World nations would live very short and very miserable lives.  Lets face the facts, the UN, without US money, is nothing.  The UN with US money is practically nothing.  The only thing that makes the UN anything is the US.  I for one, would fully support our leaving the UN and making our own way.  Let China, Russia and the Middle East fund their own corrupt organization.  If they sanction us, we turn off their food supply.  It is just that simple.

All in all I thought Mr. Prager’s video was thought provoking and well worth sharing.  It is rare to hear someone put it all into perspective in one short answer.  We need to educate Americans on true American History and put a stop the Socialist lies and slander that subsitute for education today.

More than anything, we need to vote the Socialist out of power this November.  It is November or a lifetime of people who would rather go on vacation than deal with the problems facing the nation.


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