NewsBusted 6/29/10

June 29, 2010

NewsBusted 6/29/10 with your satiric host Ms Jodi Miller ūüôā


Obama Suing Arizona In Hopes To Regain Hispanic Popularity

June 28, 2010

According to Mr. Dick Morris, President Obama is suing to invalidate the Arizona State Immigration Law as a desperate, last ditch attempt to rebuild his sagging popularity with America’s Hispanic voters.

Furious at Obama for failing to keep his election year promise to promote comprehensive immigration reform when he had a super-majority at his disposal, they are deserting the president and his party in droves. Unemployment, a sagging economy, and their sharp disagreement with Obama over social issues don’t help the president’s cause any.

So Obama has seized on the Arizona immigration law as a symbolic target, hoping to accomplish in a lawsuit the political task of rebuilding his base.

Remember that in 2008, Obama won precisely the same share of the white vote that Kerry won in 2004. There was a shift among whites as the Obama won more young whites and lost more older ones, but the white vote ratios as a whole remained constant. His entire margin of victory was based on two factors:

a) The African-American vote rose from 11% of the total in 2004 to 14% in 2008 and virtually all voted for Obama; and

b) Latinos, who had backed Kerry by only 10 points, supported Obama by fifty points.

For Obama to have a shot at keeping Democrats in control of Congress, he must replicate the enthusiasm of 2008 among minorities. But his Hispanic flank is definitely weakened. Hence the lawsuit to shore it up.

Regardless of the reasoning, or lack thereof, in suing Arizona over a state law that is supported by over 70% of the people, the Obama lawsuit will fail as certainly as the President has failed to control the border and protect American citizens.

Though this political ploy may gain a little support with the radical anti-immigration enforcement crowd, it will not endear Obama to the larger legal Hispanic populace who view the President as a threat to their religion, family values and general well-being. 

The lawsuit will no doubt drag out beyond the upcoming November elections and will have already served its’ intended political purpose by the time it fails.¬†¬†

Look for more White House political stunts throughout the Summer.  As the election draws near, and the Obama crowd becomes more desperate, they will begin to toss everything at the wall in the hopes that something will stick and allow them to gain some traction and find some support for their failed and deceitful message of hope and change.

Pay attention to what is going on behind the scenes in the private meeting rooms of Washington DC.  What they and the lame stream are keeping out of the public eye will be much more damaging than what they claim to be doing publicly.

Day By Day ‘The Declaration Of Independence Is Recyclable’

June 27, 2010

Day by Day hits one out of the park.¬† Taking the original Declaration of Independence, and making a few updates, they offer¬†a stark and surprising reminder of the ‘why’ this country’s founders bled and sacrificed in order to overthrow a tyrant and¬†offer the choice of freedom to the people.¬†

The parallel drawn indicates yet¬†another defining moment in our nation’s history where the brave and caring must come forward and sacrifice of themselves in order to save the cowards and the ignorants from a life of serfdom.

Liberal Huffington Notes Joe Biden Looks Crazy

June 27, 2010

Mr. Dan Abramson, Huffington Post, posted a piece called ‘Joe Biden Looking Crazy: A Photgraphic Tribute’.¬† Mr Abramson provides 11 pictures as examples of how crazy the Vice Presidents looks, but offers the suggestion that maybe it the work of ‘sly photographers’.


It’s common knowledge that Joe Biden has a tendency for verbal gaffes — the ol’ foot-in-mouth syndrome. But what’s not as well-known is that our VP also has a tendency to get caught looking absolutely crazy while making public appearances. We’re not sure if this is the work of some sly photographers, catching Biden at just the right moment, or if he’s just actually nuts. Not that it matters. We just find these ridiculously entertaining.
My take is, if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck, or¬†VP Joe Biden being his ‘crazy old uncle self’.¬† The man is almost certifiable.

A Little Sunday Al Gore Humor With Andrew Clavan

June 27, 2010

Mr. Andrew Clavan ‘s ‘Leaving Al Gore’.¬†¬† A little Sunday humor that would normally be prime time on the lame stream had Al Gore been a Conservative, Republican, Practicing Christian, Tea Party Member, Minute Man, Priest, Small Business Owner¬†or had he taken a pot shot at ‘The Won’ and his destructive Socialist Policies.

Truthfully, we may never know the details on the Gore Marriage breakup or the ¬†bizarre claim that he is a crazy sex poodle.¬†¬†However, we have been treated to hundreds of comments¬†questioning Mr. Gore’s sanity over the last couple of years.¬† Mr. Michael¬†Savage noted¬†Al Gore was a¬†‘crazy con man’ back in Dec 08.¬†

Mr. Savage notes that the craziest people in America are found in academia number one and government number two.  While I firmly believe that there are competent people in academia, I must agree that a large majority of them are clueless drones, incapable of logical thought and reason. 

As for the people in charge of government, I give them even less credence than the Academics.¬† ¬†Mind you, this is not meant to reflect on the¬†general government worker as they do not make the rules,¬†but the elitist political appointees, and political embeds, that have taken control of our government agencies and continue to double down on the destructive Socialist policy failures that are based on political agendas in lieu of common sense and reason.¬† But, that is another story for another time ūüôā

We do know that Al Gore is not the sanest man in the political spectrum.  But, in his defense, he is not the most lose geared Vice President in history.  That honor goes to the current VP and his never-ending search for a free meal from a small business owner that he calls a smart ass for asking him to lower taxes.    Even the liberal Huffington Post notes Joe Biden is insane.

NewsBusted 6/25/10

June 26, 2010

NewsBusted 6/25/10 with your host Ms. Jodi Miller ūüôā

So Much Liberal Ignorance, So Little Time

June 25, 2010

This Democrat County Supervisor from Wisconsin has no idea where Arizona is, or even a clue that it borders Mexico, much less the common sense¬†necessary to hold a public office.¬† Think, someone, somewhere gave this person passing grades.¬† I imagine she has a master’s degree¬†in some useless Socialist subject that has nothing to do with common sense or practical knowledge.

Updated video link.¬† Apparently the original poster got cold feet ūüôā

Though by Obama standards she could probably work at the White House situation room.    They are controlling the response for the gulf oil spill and they do not have one professional engineer on staff.  Actually, they do not have a person on staff that has ever had a real job, much less the responsibility of actually producing something of value to the Nation.

You have to feel sorry for people like this.¬† She supports a boycott of a state she knows¬†absolutely nothing about, in regards to an issue that she¬†knows absolutely nothing about.¬† A product of our failing modern education system.¬†¬†People like this¬†should only be trusted with one of those jobs where¬†they are required to wear a name tag and a hair net ūüôā¬†