Obama Admin Walks Political Tightrope With Israel Gaza Incident

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton calls for an impartial investigation into  Israel’s recent boarding of a vessel loaded with violent terrorists attempting to run the blockade into Gaza.

Surprising, this is a much more ‘middle of the road’ statement than I expected from the Obama Administration.  President Obama has been very anti-Israel during his entire administration.

While I cringe at the thought of a non-bias UN investigation that will obviously be corrupted by Israel’s enemies, I nod in agreement that Israel must be allowed to conduct its’ own investigation. 

This melee, between radicals and Israel, was the result of Israeli Soldiers being attacked with knives, clubs, slingshots, metal rods and gunfire when they attempted to board a vessel in violation of Israel’s Gaza blockade.  It ended with several dead and wounded.

Many of the blockade runners have been identified as being members of Al Qaeda and several other terrorist groups.  Prior to, and after the incident, they clearly stated their intentions were to be martyred.  In other words, they welcomed the confrontation and a chance to die in the name of radical Islam.

I disagree with the Obama Administration’s support of building supplies for Gaza.  Any cement, stone or steel imported into Gaza will be used to erect defensive positions for the continued firing of missiles into Israel.  Israel has a right to deny these supplies as long as the radicals in Gaza insist on attacking Israel with rockets and terrorist strikes.

I fail to understand the International Community and their denial of Israel’s right to exist.  The Palestinians do not want peace with Israel.  They want Israel for themselves and they want all Jewish People dead.  This is the only solution they will accept.  Any other promise they make, they will break as they have in the past.  Nothing but the death of the Jewish people will sate their lust and hate.

As for Israel’s defense.  Put yourself in their perspective.  Let’s say that once, or twice, a day someone in your neighborhood drives by and fires a .22 cal pistol at your house.

You call the police and they occasionally respond with the old, well we didn’t actually see him do anything.   You contact the media and they release a story making the incident your fault.  It’s because your neighbors are jealous of the nice garden you have, or something.  A thing you worked for and they could as well, but they would rather have yours.

Now, a .22 is not that big a shell.  It may break a window, ding up the trim and cause minor damage.  But eventually, it is going to hit something you care about.  Do you take action, or simply cover the front of your house with plywood?  Either way, it will not work.

If you take action, the authorities blame the whole incident on you and the media makes you out to be the bad guy for defending yourself and not understanding the plight of your neighbors.

Taking no action and boarding up your home will not work either. One day you look out the door and there is your neighbor being supplied with a larger caliber weapon that will go through the plywood.  And who is that giving it to him, why its the local police.  Go figure. 

This is the plight of Israel.  The Jewish went into the desert settled in Israel.  They built Jerusalem.  They irrigated and cultivated the land and made it a nice place to live.  Later on, they were over ran by Muslims.  The House of God which David built was torn down and replaced with a Muslim Mosque.  Now the Muslims claim all of Israel as theirs, even though they did not build it,  and the only peace they will accept is the death of all Jewish People.  They attack and kill Israelis and use their deaths to glorify themselves in their corrupted religious beliefs.

Israel is in a fight for their lives every day.  They cannot get it wrong.  They cannot take risks.   People are out to kill them every day.  Tel Aviv is the most targeted city in the history of the World.

Liberals have no love for Israel, or anyone who uses violence to defend themselves.  They fail to understand that there mean people in the World that you just cannot stop with songs and smiling faces.

We can look forward to a UN investigation that will blame the whole affair on Israel and further media lies and distortions to claim the same. 

Eventually, the radicals in Gaza will unleash their missiles and Israel will be forced to respond.   Of course, the UN peace keepers will sit on the border fence facing Israel, never comment on the missiles raining down, but will use extremely harsh words to condemn Israel’s ‘over the top’ response, regardless of what it is.

This is the state of affairs in the Middle East that President Obama cannot seem to comprehend.  He demands that Israel make concessions with Palestine in order to make peace, when every concession that Israel has ever made, and there have been many, have resulted in the Palestinians taking advantage of the concession in order to further their attacks on Israel.

Unfortunately for Israel, we have a President that would look at the smoking hole in the ground that once held the Jewish People and say ‘see I brought peace to the Middle East, I kept my promise, vote for me’.  And he would see nothing wrong with that, because somewhere in his twisted reality he would justify this and profess that Israel brought it upon themselves.

We should not allow this continue.  November or never 🙂


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