Israeli PM Netanyahu Responds To Critics On Terror Flotilla Incident

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had the following response to International Criticism of the actions taken by Israel in order to defend themselves from terrorist attacks.

‘Once again Israel faces hypocrisy’.  This is a very true statement.

‘On 5 of the vessels we met no resistance.  On the 6th ship something very different happened.  Our soldiers were met with a vicious attack.  They were stabbed, they were clubbed and fired upon by members of an extremist group who were chanting battle cries against the Jews’.  There is video evidence to prove this, yet the World media portrays this event as Israeli Storm Troopers picking on the Girl Scouts.

‘This was not the love boat, it was a hate boat.  These weren’t pacifist, or peace activist, these were terrorist’.   These people were armed, spun up and ready to react.  They attacked the first soldier before he even made to the deck.  They were anything, but peaceful.  Of course to the lame stream media portray all the terrorist on board as eating happy meals and offering praise and flowers to the Israeli Soldiers.  It is all part of that ‘love thy enemy thing’.

‘We are told that we have a right to defend ourself until we do’.  Israel always gets the blame, regardless of the provocation.   I recall Hezbollah shooting hundreds of missiles a day into Israel and while the International Community called for Israel to restrain itself from responding, they said and did, absolutely nothing to stop the militant firing the missiles.  When Israel was forced to react in order to save its’ citizens from a daily rain of missiles the World blamed them for the violence.  Yep, it was their fault they were tired of getting shot at. 

Israel regrets the  loss of life but will never apologize for defending ourselvesAnd no one should have to apologize for defending themselves.  I’ve never heard a professional boxer apologize for deflecting a punch. Nor I have I heard President Thin Skin apologize for defending his bad decision-making, or lack thereof.

Israel should not be held to a double standard, the Jewish State, like any other state, must have the right to defend itself.  Herein lies the problem.  Liberals, peace activists and Socialist only see what they want to see.  They have no problem supporting a radical movement that will eventually turn on them, once they are no longer useful to the cause, and they deny that reality in order to offer that support to the very terrorist that will eventually kill them.  If that is not insanity, what is?  Radical Islam will not stop with the death of Israel.

Everything that PM Netanyahu relates in this video is true and factual.  The evidence is there for ‘fair minded’ individuals.

Unfortunately, the World, including our own White House, Socialist and peace activist are not ‘fair minded’ in any way shape, or form.   As PM Netanyahu stated ‘For many in the international communityIsrael is guilty until proven guilty’.  

Basically, there is no second choice.  The International Community judges Israel guilty based on what they stand for, not for anything they have ever done.

The totality of the anti-Israel stupidity lies in this one simple fact.  In a US court of law, the Liberal Socialists would not be able to convict Israel of even the slightest traffic violation, much less the larger charges they often claim.  Because the ‘rules of evidence’ would apply and all the evidence is on the side of Israel.   Falsifying evidence, while hiding truth, as they often do would simply have the liberal case thrown out of court, as even the most activist of judges would most likely refuse to allow fiction in the court room.  Though that would not stop the Liberal Socialist from trying.  Afterall, they have been denying reality since the 1920s, why recognize it now.  Well, like they could anyway. 

The State of Denial is the Liberal Happy Place 🙂


One Response to Israeli PM Netanyahu Responds To Critics On Terror Flotilla Incident

  1. Anderson says:

    About time! Damn right!

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