Majority Of California Appears To Support Arizona Immigration Law

According to a recent article at the Conservative Outpost, an LA times poll indicates that more Californians support the Arizona Immigration Law than do not suppor it.

California voters are closely divided over the crackdown on illegal immigration in Arizona, with sharp splits along lines of ethnicity and age, according to a new Los Angeles Times/USC poll.

Overall, 50% of registered voters surveyed said they support the law, which compels police to check the immigration status of those they suspect are in the country illegally, while 43% oppose it. That level of support is lower than polls have indicated nationwide.

But attitudes among the state’s voters are not uniform. Strong majorities of white voters and those over 50 support the Arizona law, while Latinos and those under 30 are heavily opposed.

Arizona’s adoption of the law in April stirred passions and protests across the nation, with cities including Los Angeles voting to boycott the state. The matter has turned into a pressure point in electoral battles, including the Republican gubernatorial primary in California. But the poll shows that most voters, even those with ardent feelings about the measure, said they were unlikely to reject candidates based solely on their immigration stances. …

I would be curious to see exactly how the question is being asked.  Coming from the Liberal LA Times one can almost guess that the question is asked in such a way as to sway the response.

My only reason for this suspicion is the fact that 70%, or more, of America supports the law when they are simply asked Yes or No. 

Of course, only 35% of the ruling class (elected officials) indicate support for the law.   Talk about your major disconnect with the voters 🙂


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