NJ Governor Christie Takes On Teacher’s Union

New Jersey Governor Christie to the New Jersey Teacher’s Union ‘You punch them (taxpayers) and I punch you’.

‘This is not about the teachers in New Jersey, my argument is with the union’.   The voice of the teachers have been muted by the unions.

‘They collect 130 millions dollars a year in dues (taxpayer paid), what do they spend the money on, an army of lobbiest at the state house’.  Union lobbiest make big bucks and control massive propaganda machines that are paid for with the taxpayer dollars collected as mandatory union dues.  They use the money to threaten lawmakers with the negative publicity that they can generate against them and usually get their way.

‘They spent 6 million dollars in negative advertising against me since March 16th’.  Unions spent hundreds of millions of dollars financing the Democrat takeover of government.  Today, the President and the Socialist Democrat machine intend to pay the unions back with a proposed 160 Billion Dollar union bailout.  The bailout is necessary because the unions have squandered their pension funds on lobbiest, elitist salaries and funding in support of Socialist Democrat candidates who support the union goals.

‘If you don’t think this is a screwy system, then I don’t know what is’.  Yes, it is a screwy system when union hacks can use tax dollars to fund campaigns and threaten politicians for increases that they will use to further corrupt the system and increase their power in order to do more of the same.  It is an often repeated cycle of corruption.

‘The overall majority of teacher are good people that care about the kids and want to do a good job, but the teacher’s union is about the accumulation and exercise of raw power’.  Yes, the overall majority of teachers are good people, as are the majority of union members, however, the unions simply use the members as means to justify union excess and power.  The members themselves have little, to no, power within the union.  They are simply pawns in the power struggle.

‘The fight is about who is going to run public education in New Jersey, the parents and the people they elect, or the mindless, faceless union leaders who decide that they are going to be the ones to run it, because they have the money and autority to bully around school boards and local councils’.  For far too long the unions have ruled the public school system.  DC is a perfect example of union failure. 

The taxpayer cost per student in DC is the highest in the nation.  The schools are falling apart, the students are not learning and the teachers themselves have become disenchanted with a system that only spends 5% of its’ generous budget on the students.  Yet, every year the politicians and unions are demanding increases.  They will not consider a cut spending.  Nor will they adjust the budgets.  They simply use the conditions of the schools, and failure rate of the students, as justification for their false claims that tossing more money at a broken system will solve the problem. 

‘If we don’t win this fight, there are no other fights left.  This is the fight we have to win for the kids’.   Education is the key to the success or failure of our nation. 

‘When they say it is for the kids, 4 or 5 percent increases (pay) and free health insurance for life is not about the kids’.  Currently, the Socialists have taken over the schools and corrupted the learning process with Socialist doctrine.  Unions, walking hand in hand with the Socialists, have distorted the purpose of the public education system, which is to educate the students, to focus on their increase in union power,  authority and excess.

The only way to change the system is to fight the unions, decrease their power and influence, and refocus education back to its’ primary purpose of educating children.  We can no longer afford a failed education system that only benefits union tax theifs and criminals.

We must elect public officials that are reality based, conservative and willing to fight for what is right in this country.  We can no longer afford the excesses of stupidity that have been substituting for good governence these past two decades.  It is time to stop punishing sucess and stop rewarding failure. 

We have already witnessed the failures of Socialist excess.  Now is the time to begin rewarding the successes of conservatism.

In these trying times we could certainly use a powerful conservative technician like Governor Christie in The White House.  Instead, we have a guy that is still trying to read the owner’s manual and cannot seem to realize that he does not know how to read.


6 Responses to NJ Governor Christie Takes On Teacher’s Union

  1. Crystal9154 says:

    This is the leader we need in the White House. Chris Christie for President 2012

  2. sirknob says:

    Yes, we def need a strong Conservative candidate. I like what I have seen of Governor Christie so far. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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  6. Janelle says:

    Unions are a business which really should be outsourced………I can think of several countries who could use their talents.

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