Obama ‘I Will Not Rest Until We Plug The Oil Leak. Now Watch Me Make This Putt’

President Obama has made claim after claim defending his response, or lack thereof, to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  During one of his recent rare visits to the gulf he claimed that he would not rest until the situation was resolved.  Then he went on a three-day vacation in Chicago.

The following video portrays just how serious and how much emphasis he has placed on a spill that is destroying lives in US Gulf States.

From day one BP has never intended to plug the hole.  Everything that BP has done, they have done with the intention of keeping the well producing oil.  If it was simply a matter of plugging the hole and preventing the devastation of the Gulf Coast, BP could have done that early in the event.

And who is responsible for allowing BP to do this?  The White House situation room finally began to be responsive on this issue approximately 3 weeks into the disaster.  It has always been The President’s call to allow BP to handle the situation and he and his White House advisers have resisted the call of others to federalize the spill response, which would have allowed the Coast Guard and others to intervene and plug the leak.

This ever-increasing disaster has been allowed to continue by a man who detests Capitalism and really does not care much about having a healthy and prosperous oil industry.   Possibly this is because BP is a foreign-owned business, but more than likely he allowed this disaster to continue in order to use it to pass extreme pollution laws that will prevent further oil production and kill what little manufacturing this country has left.

It is either that, or The President and the entire White House Staff are the most incompetent people on the planet.  Personally, I find it a toss-up, as their action and reasoning, regardless of motivation, reek of incompetency.


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