Why Do The Jewish People Support Liberals?

I must admit that this is a question which has perplexed me from time to time. The question has been answered in a book called Why Are Jews Liberals? By Norman Podhoretz.

Mr Dick Morris offers a book review and his comments here.

According to Mr. Podhoretz:

American Jews grew up in liberal homes heavily influenced by the ideology they inherited from their Eastern European ancestors. There, in Russia and Germany, you either followed the Kaiser´s or the Czar´s line or were a Communist.

In the New World, communism morphed into socialism in the early years of the twentieth century (and morphed into liberalism during the reign of FDR).

In the U.S. Jews stayed in the liberal camp not just out of conviction but also from fear of the Christian right. When fundamentalism reared its head in American politics, they feared that anti-Semitism would not be far behind. And, as the anti-communism of the McCarthy era targeted the Jewish intellectual establishment, their dependence on Democrats only increased.

It came as a shock to America´s Jews that first Nixon, then Reagan, and finally Bush-43 emerged as Israel´s strongest supporters.  And it came as a total shock when the religious right became Israel´s strongest backer based on its biblical conviction that God had promised the Holy Land to the Jewish people.

But, by then, religion and even Israel had weakened their holds on American Jewish hearts.

But Podhoretz´ book, written before Obama manifested such an anti-Israel bent, leaves unanswered the question of whether the pro-Palestinian bias of the current administration, not to mention its war on prosperity, will drive Jews away from their liberal moorings. The answer probably lies more with events than within Jewish thinking.  As it becomes more anti-Israel and anti-wealth, the Party will leave the Jews before the Jews realize it has left and themselves leave the party.

Well, that certainly explains some of the mystery.   However, it does not explain the public outrage against Israel by the many Jewish organizations who believe that Israel does not have a right to defend itself.

I have to believe there is a bit of a Marianismo type of effect going on here, in that it seems to be the belief of many of the Jewish population that they are supposed to suffer the abuses of others as part of their faith.

What else would explain their myopic support of a political class of Socialists who heavily favor the radical agendas of the very hate filled people who seek the death of the entire Jewish Population?

As with many things in life, there never seems to be a rhyme or reason.  I tend to think that Liberals have either done to many recreational illegal, drugs, or are suffering from the effects of too much fluoride in their drinking water and the brain washing that they substitute for education.

Either way, there is certainly something there that verges on the edge of insanity without quite going completely over to the dark side.   Though many of them eventually do without realizing it.


6 Responses to Why Do The Jewish People Support Liberals?

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    The Republican party incorporates a lot of fascist characteristics, which is one reason most Jews are Democrats.

    Here are 14 characteristics of fascism which also define the Republican party:

    1. Powerful and continuing expressions of nationalism.
    2. Disdain for the importance of human rights.
    3. Identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause.
    4. The supremacy of the military/avid militarism.
    5. Rampant sexism.
    6. A controlled mass media.
    7. Obsession with national security.
    8. Religion and ruling elite tied together.
    9. Power of corporations protected.
    10. Power of labor suppressed or eliminated.
    11. Disdain and suppression of intellectuals and the arts.
    12. Obsession with crime and punishment.
    13. Rampant cronyism and corruption.
    14. Fraudulent elections.

    Also, it’s a matter of priorities. Democratic policies promote higher education, environmental concerns, pragmatic foreign policies, arts and sciences, and these are also priorities for most Jews.

    • sirknob says:

      Well Sir, you prove my point. From the point of view offered, Democrats were never Racists, even though historical fact proves they were and are. As they continue to divide this nation with their diversity bullcrap and their ‘keep them on the plantation’ policies of Jim Crow, Dems out and repeat the lies that keep them enslaved.
      1. Obama and the Democrats are Nationlizing everything, and grabbing as much government power as possible. Totally against the Constitution.
      2. It was the Republicans that began human rights, the party was formed to abolish slavery.
      3. hmmm, and who is it that attacks Fox News for fact checking his speeches?
      4. Socialist support a militist state, Conservatives support defense. This claim is way off base.
      5. Rampant Sexism, you mean like the free love, free sex, lets teach children about fisting and gay love educators that are currently in charge of our education system and serving in the White House. Sir, what planet have you been on the last 40 years?
      6. The DNC controls the media and they are currently attempting to silence free speech through the FCC and the current administration.
      7. Yes, one point I will agree with you on. When you have enemies threatening to kill you, you need security. How many must die before it becomes important to people detached from reality as Obama is?
      8. LOL.. you have to be kidding me, Democrats have made it practically illegal for Christians to be on the public square. Why, see item 5.
      9. Enforcing the law will protect the nation from powerful corporations. Letting lawyers continue to run amok, nationalizing business, allowing governemnt to pick the winners and loser is a tried and proven Socialist failure. Socialism has never worked, not once in history.
      10. We have a government labor dept. Why? When unions can take, not ask, take money from workers, use it for political programs, empower their leaders, then turn to the govt for bailout, because they spent the money for pension and benefits on politics, unions are out of control. Unions served a purpose once, today they only serve themselves.
      11. Sir, for anyone considering themselves an intellectual and sharing the views you listed, then I see your point. They do not live in the real World. There is absolutely, no way, a fair and impartial individual could make the many false claims in the above list. One would have to not know the history, or truth, as no facts are offered. Socialists tend to lie, hoping that if they say it long enough, it becomes truth. It is still a lie. While, I appreciate Art, what others may consider Art is something different. A picture of Jesus in a bucket of urine is not Art, it is a hateful statement and nothing more.
      12. Yes, when crime becomes a means of supporting the legal system and not a means of punishment, or criminal deterrent, yes. My question is, why everyone is not concerned. Why is a 5% crime rate okay? Why do people have to suffer, be killed, injured, live in fear, because others believe that 5% some crime is necessary in order to maintain a healty legal system and keep the lawyers making money? Because that is what crime really comes down to. That is why we have never won the drug war. That is why our justice system is failing the people is it supposed to be protecting.
      13. Gee, have you looked at the Democrats. Did you notice Obama’s payoff of 2 Billion Dollars to the Socialist George Soros. Paid with the Stimulus Funds through a foreign oil company. Have noticed how Chicago politics control everything from the White House. While I agree there is cronyism and corruption on both sides, Dems do more and never seem to be punished, because the media never reports their misdeeds.
      14. You mean like Mayor Daley keeping the polls open, emptying the jails, prisons and the halfway houses in order to give the vote to John Kennedy? Do you mean Al Gore’s attempt to steal the Presidential Election by denying the Military absentee ballots? Or how about how he tried to change the rules after the election was over? I do not believe any Dem wants a factual conversation about Fradulent Elections when the Dems stole both the Washington State Gov election (twice) and stole the election for Al Frankin. Bush, never stole the election, even the liberal NY Times and Washington Post admitted to that. What they didn’t admit is Al Gore did try to steal the election. At a time when 2500 dead people voted in Chicago, 115% of all registered voters cast a ballot in Philadelphia, Dems do not want ID displayed at polling stations so illegal immigrants can vote, Dems file absentee ballots for entire assisted living locations and when the people who live there show up to vote, are told they already had.
      How could anyone can make that claim with a staight face is beyond me, but maybe they have been telling this lie for so long that even they believe it. Liberals cannot handle the truth.

      Sir, the list you offer is a good effort, but it is way short on fact, and way too long on stretching half truths. Socialists must either really hate people and society in general, or they just cannot wait to commit suidice. Either way, their policies are proven to be failures.
      People who distort history and deny reality, have had it all their way. They control the public education system and not only deny factual history, but soclialize children to believe in their Socialist causes. What did Obama gain for education by doing away with the DC school vouchers? He gained the support of DC Unions at the cost of children’s education. Maybe a smart political move, but a cruel move toward taking away opportunity from low income children. Democrats do not support education. They and unions are the problem with education. The billions they demand go into the coffers of the union and teachers pay. The children see very little.

      People like myself have had enough. And we will not longer be silent. We are going to point out the stupidity, the lies and the manipulations. Dispute us if you like, silence us if you ‘dare’.

      BTW: The facists you are referring to were Socialist. NAZI stood for the National Socialist movement. It was they who nationalized the government and they who stood for Socialism. The Dems today promote the very same programs that Hitler did (national health care, national energy, national everything). So, if you truly want to see a ‘Facist’ pick any Socialist Democrat, including our President. That is fact, that is truth, that is history.

  2. Janelle says:

    Sir Knob, you can’t argue with a born again fool.

    • sirknob says:

      Hi Ms Janelle. You are correct on that one, but being a bit of a fool myself, you can’t blame me for trying lol.
      Thanks for the comment. I hope you have a great day 🙂

  3. rushyoungberg says:

    The reputation of jews is they are hard-working, intelligent and successful in the professions. They are scientists, artists, philosophers and teachers. However, they also have the reputation of the pursuit of wealth and control in areas of wealth. They also have the reputation of looking out for themselves and banding together. I do not think they care about the fate of Israel, only to play the Holocaust card. Liberals give them the best economic deal, use them for pity, and attempt to coalesce them with blacks and hispanics. Like in the Inquistion, they will convert, and move to other regions and countries to play the same pity game. Thye are opportunists with no concept of loyalty or home.

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