Clueless Rosie O’Donnell And Friends Agree With Helen Thomas

Ant-Semite Rosie O’Donnell agrees with the Helen Thomas statement that the Jewish People should get out of ‘Palestine’.

What is it with Liberals that do have a clue when it comes to fact and history, but attempt to justify the actions of other Liberals by distorting fact and history.  Had a Conservative uttered the hateful comments of known Anti-Semite Helen Thomas, these same idiots would be all over them for hate speech. 

It is not only difficult to listen to them, it is impossible to give them any credence when they do not have a clue what they are talking about.   This is how Liberals operate.

Earth to the O’Donnell crowd, the Jewish People settled the area long before it was considered Palestine.  Palestine is an invention of the Islam used to attack Israel.

Had Rosie the hater, and her group of helpful uneducated idiots, ever bothered to pick up a bible and read the story of the Jewish people, they would know that David, a Jewish King, built the city of Jerusalem.  When the Muslims invaded and ‘occupied’ Israel, they tore down the House of God and built a Mosque upon the foundation.  The Jewish people had settled the land and lived there for thousands of years prior to them ‘taking back’ their land from Muslim occupiers.

Only in Bizarro Liberal World does a Muslim occupation of Israel become an Israeli occupation of Palestine.  Palestine being a state that only existed when it occupied Israel.

Learn some history Ms O’Donnell as this continued ignorance on your part is very unbecoming and your Socialist influence on others is nothing more that hate speech propaganda when you do not have your facts straight.

Paging Mr. Stern, Mr. Howard Stern?  We have an Anti-Semite alert for you.  One of your network associates is spouting Anti-Semitism on your company airwaves.  Any comment Sir?


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