President Obama Wastes Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars On Parties And Entertainment

While the President makes speeches calling for others to tighten their belts, making such statements as we can no longer expect to eat what we want, set our thermostats where we want, drive what we want, etc… he is spending millions of taxpayer dollars on his White House parties and quality entertainment.

According to Fox Nation  ‘the same hypocrite who says our energy costs must “necessarily skyrocket” to fund his political ambition, is giving Marie Antoinette a run for her money when it comes to spending national treasure on personal luxuries’.

While much of the country is struggling to pay their bills, the President and First Lady are partying like rock royalty. The collection of talent that has made the pilgrimage to the White House to entertain Obama and friends is nothing less than amazing: Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Tony Bennet, Paul Simon, Marc Anthony, Herbie Hancock, Martina McBride, Queen Latifah, The Foo Fighters, Faith Hill, and recently foot-in-mouth Paul McCartney to name a few.
This has the makings to be the greatest ongoing concert series ever to be seen on this Earth just to entertain one man … all paid for by the American taxpayer.
How much does this world-class entertainment cost? Assuming the artists themselves forgo appearance fees, I highly doubt Paul Simon would perform with just a karaoke machine as backup.
Professional equipment needs to be brought in – sound engineers, stages, lights, etc… Even small-scale performances by these artists can be very expensive.
Add booze, food, security, invitations, social secretaries, wait staff, and hangers-on to the tab and the price for one of these events could easily top $75K. With over 27 concerts hosted thus far, the total cost to taxpayers is in the millions of dollars.
The executive branch does not provide detailed information regarding entertainment expenses, however, it has been estimated the Obama’s spent at least $10 million on “drunken White House parties” in 2009 alone.

And this continues while almost 40 million Americans are on food stamps and 1 in 4 Americans cannot find full-time employment.

This President has had more parties, taken more vacations, played more golf, ignored more problems and created more debt than any President in the history of our nation.  And he has only been in office 18 months.

This is how the Social Elite operate.  One set of rules for the People, no rules for the Social Elite. 

As families across the nation are forced to make some difficult choices, the President and other Social Elitists are doing everything they can to increase the costs of energy, which in turn will increase the cost of everything from food to healthcare.

They run up Trillion dollar deficits that our future children will be burdened with, while dumping billions of taxpayers dollars into the coffers of wealthy Socialist Billionaires.

And after a long day of stealing public tax dollars for Socialist programs how do they relax?  They have an all expenses paid mega concert at the White House and send the bill to the taxpayers.  Afterall, they are only Serfs, they only exist for amusement and support of the Socialist Elite Ruling Class that passes for government these days.

This may not be the change many of your voted for, but it is the change he promised to bring had you bothered listen, or had you bothered to investigate beyond the golden child false image that the lame stream media portrayed him to be. 

I can almost see the words forming on Obama’s lips ‘let them eat cake’.  


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