Clueless Connolly Asks ‘Is There Enough Spending To Cut’?

Remember Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a U. S. Congressman that has never met an entitlement program that he did not vote in favor of.

After increasing the deficit by 3 Trillion dollars, rewarding Socialist billionaires, adding millions to the welfare roles, providing support and cover for millions of illegal immigrants, this Pelosi sock puppet has the nerve to ask ‘is there enough spending to cut’?

We are currently turning illegal immigrant detention centers into country clubs with wet bars, internet service, cable TV, recreational facilities, free phone service, free legal advice, free counseling and 12 hour a day unsupervised visitor access.  And what is Connolly’s first suggestion, cut defense, cut homeland security?

While people in prison, and illegal immigrants who have also violated our laws, live luxury lifestyles that many in Appalachia can only dream of, Socialist Connolly cannot find anything to cut in the budget that does not make the country less safe.

President Obama intends to send 400 million dollars to Gaza.  Gaza does not need the money.   There is plenty of food.  I have yet to see a video of starving people in Gaza, yet there is plenty of video of malnourished people on Indian Reservations and rural areas throughout this country.  There is almost a half a billion dollars that can be saved right there Mr. Connolly.

Sadly, morons like Rep Gerry Connolly are not the rarity that they should be.  He is the status quote for the current Socialist Democrat Party that controls our government.   They all seem to believe that they can go on spending our grandchildren’s future away and they truly belieive that bankrupting the Nation is the only way to govern.

As I have previously stated, there must be something in the Socialist and Leftist brain that does not allow for logical thought processes.  They seem bent on the self-destructive behaviors that are slowly killing this nation and robbing the people of the rights that were guaranteed to them by our founding fathers.   They are totally oblivious to damage they are doing, or they are totally intent on destroying what once was the greatest nation on Earth.  Either way they have become an evil anti-American force that must be stopped before it is to late.

Virginia District 11 candidate, and local businessman, Mr. Keith Fimian will hopefully defeat Connolly in 2010 and bring a bit of sanity and reasoning into the political arena.

In the meantime, hold onto your hats, not to mention your lunch, boys and girls, because things about to get really interesting 🙂


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