Reasons Obama Should Kick His Own Butt

Mr Nick Gillespie offers the following insight in regards to President Obama’s statement about knowing which ass to kick.

One of the many issues that has been overlooked in this entire debate is what I refer to as the ‘million dollar question’.  And that question is, why were they drilling in 5000 feet of water, when there is plenty of oil available in much shallower waters?  There is even oil available on dry land.

The answer to that question is simple.  The radical environuts will not lets us drill where the oil is cheap and available.  They force us to seek oil where it is expensive and costly to obtain.  They do this for two reasons, both related to pollution.

One, by reducing the country’s access to petroleum energy, they reduce the amount of petroleum that can create pollution.

Two, by making it more difficult to obtain, they greatly increase the price of petroleum energy, thus reducing the amount that Americans can afford, which ultimately results in less use and less pollution.

Both of these policies are based on flawed thinking and illogical analysis. 

By reducing the amount of energy our country is capable of producing, we simply pay more to import energy and enrich other nation.  Many of those nations we enrich do not like us much and will use the money to harm us.  The Taliban for instance is largely supported by Middle Eastern oil money.

By artificially increasing the cost of energy production in America, we not only punish the lower classes by increasing the cost of everything, we send their jobs overseas where energy to manufacture is much cheaper.

So, another reason President Obama and the Socialist Democrats should be kicking their own behinds lie in the simple facts that this really is their fault. They forced the issue, they wrote laws, they made the rules, they banned they areas we could drill in and now they should take the blame. 

There is absolutely on reason we should have been drilling for oil in 5000 foot of water when we could have simply dropped a drill bit and struck oil in shallow water almost anywhere that the environuts and Socialist have banned us from drilling.

So Mr. President, please wind yourself up for a good back kick to your own backside.  Oh, and please do it on film so the rest of us can enjoy it too 🙂


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