Socialist Barney Frank Wants To Cut Defense By One Trillion

Well, lets see, Iran is building nuclear weapons, Israel is under attack, we are engaged in two conflicts, North Korea is declaring war.  I know, lets cut the defense budget, that will make all the bad guys go away.

According to The Hill, a panel commissioned by Barney Frank recommends one Trillion in Defense cut spending.

A panel commissioned by Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) is recommending nearly $1 trillion in cuts to the Pentagon’s budget during the next 10 years.

The Sustainable Defense Task Force, a commission of scholars from a broad ideological spectrum appointed by Frank, the House Financial Services Committee chairman, laid out actions the government could take that could save as much as $960 billion between 2011 and 2020.  Unless of course, one considers the Trillions it will take to build it all back up once the Democrats made us incapable of defending ourselves again.

Measures presented by the task force include making significant reductions to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program, which has strong support from Defense Secretary Robert Gates; delaying the procurement of a new midair refueling tanker the Air Force has identified as one of its top acquisition priorities; and reducing the Navy’s fleet to 230 ships instead of the 313 eyed by the service.   Yes, just what we need, fewer ships to react to our global interests.  That worked great for us during the Carter years.

Frank on Friday warned that if he can’t convince Congress to act in the “general direction” of the task force recommendation, “then every other issue will suffer.” Not cutting the Pentagon’s budget could lead to higher taxes and spending cuts detrimental to the environment, housing and highway construction.   Okay, so Frank’s support of Freddie Mac and Fannie that cost us Trillions is not on the chopping block.  They can continue business as usual and blow up our economy again and again and again, without raising our taxes?

The task force has looked at various options to trim the Pentagon’s budget in order to reduce the deficit. Those include a reduction in Army and Marine Corps end-strength by cutting back on personnel stationed in Europe and Asia; and rolling back Army and Marine Corps personnel as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan end.  Another left over from the Carter years.  This destroyed our military and left them incapable of rescuing our hostages held in Iran.  President Clinton’s gutting of the military logistics corps costs us Billions in contractor fees to support the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Lets double down on that to save to money.  It didn’t work last time, but who knows, the taxpayers are gullible either way.

The panel also looked into reforming military compensation, which could save about $55 billion; saving $60 billion by reforming the military healthcare system; and reducing recruiting expenditures once the wars wind down to preserve about $5 billion.  And there it is bottom line.  Lets punish the military.  We can pay for 40 millions illegal immigrants to be here taking jobs, using healthcare, getting food stamps, welfare, education, etc.. all at taxpayer expense, but darn those military people who protect us, lets take away their benefits.  Frank hates the military, always has, always will.

The U.S. nuclear arsenal would also be on the chopping block, under the panel’s suggestions.  Yep, all the missiles they want to keep are at the end of their lifespan.  They do not want to create any new missiles.  Basically, we will end up with a nuclear threat that is empty, as most of the missiles will not work, at a time when we have a Nuclear Iran and North Korea, with a Nuclear Venezuela and Cuba on the horizon.  Good thinking Mr. Frank.  That should write the ‘last’ chapter in American history you are so hungry for.

This is what happens every time the Socialist Democrats have the power. They gut our military in order to pay for their Socialist programs.   They will always offer lip speak to military members in public, while they stab them in the back and take away their benefits and abilities.  They did this during the Carter years, they did this during the Clinton years and now they are doing it during the Obama years.

Our enemies in the World are many, and our true friends in the World are few.  But, the real danger to our society is not being planned in some far away land, by some far away government.  They are right here, in our own state houses, planning against us and plotting the fall of this nation.

Barney Frank is every bit as dangerous as any terrorist.  He destroyed the finances, banking system and housing markets of this nation with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  He helped give away Trillions of our tax dollars to special interests groups and Socialist Billionaires.  He aided in the government takeover of one-third of the U.S. economy and the bankrupting of our nation.

Now he seeks to destroy the military that stands between us and our enemies.  He will rob us of the defense we paid for and Americans will forced pay for it in blood.  Barney Frank

This is liberal Socialist stupidity to the maximum.  Lead by President Obama, these idiots are going to leave us broke, defenseless and with no energy.  They falsely believe that they will be able bargain and make peace with our enemies from a position of weakness.  Once again, any research of history will offer stark examples of why that have never been a good idea.

Like Socialism, it has never worked, not once, not ever.  The best defense in the World has always been to have the stongest offense.

Take the country the back from these Morons.  It’s 2010 or never.


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