Who Is Alvin Greene?

I think this interview comes off really well.  Mr. Alvin Greene is new to politics.  One has to expect him to stumble a bit as he becomes overwhelmed with negative media attention.  Kudos to him for standing up.

This poor young man is in for a rough ride.  What should be a story about a person struggling to get on top, or a story about politics and voting trends, instead becomes a story about what went wrong that allowed this man to become the Democrat Senate Candidate from South Carolina.

While Democrats call for investigations, the drive by media fills the airwaves with conspiracy theories and liberal land is going off the deep end, this young man is standing his ground in the finest tradition.  Though he may not be everyone’s perception of the ideal candidate, he is in there fighting.

Like him or love him,  he is the Democrat Candidate for Senate from South Carolina.  He won, until someone proves different, fair and square.  Give the man the his due and stop punishing him for the failures of the Socialist Democrat committee and the negativism that the Democrats have brought upon themselves with their anti-American Socialist agenda.

Though there is little doubt that Mr. Greene’s victory was an anti-status quote victory, a message the Democrats should be listening to and learning from, now is not the time to attempt to destroy this young man and deny him the satisfaction of a clean election in 2010.

Mr. Greene, your victory in politics says so much more in reality than I can say in words.  Though I cannot support you, I do salute you for your effort and wish you well.  Not victory mind you, but I do hope that you do well. 

For my Liberal Socialist friends, suck it up, I had to deal with McCain, you can deal with this 🙂



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