Obama Holding Border Hostage In Order To Pass Immigration Reform

Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) related his conversation on border security with President Obama to the participants of a Tea Party town hall meeting.

According to Senator Kyl, the President told him ‘If we secure the border, then you will not have any reason to support comprehensive immigration reform’.

This June 18th video includes other details.  The meeting statement begins around 3:20.

As Senator Kyl notes, they are holding the border hostage.  They have no intention of securing the border, or enforcing the law, until they are able to ensure themselves that another 20 million Democrat voters are added to the roles.  Thus, ensuring they remain in power indefinetly.

This is extortion by any definition.  It shows the inherent dishonesty of our public officials, how little they care for the American People and how desperate they are to remain in power.

We do not need ‘new’ immigration laws.  We simply need to enforce the immigration laws we currently have and take control of our border.  Our current immigration laws are more than satisfactory to accomplish border security and immigration control, if we could only find a President that ‘chooses’ to enforce the law in lieu of playing political games with the people’s lives and liberties.

While politicians play at politics, drugs, guns, terrorists, pedophiles, murderers, rapists and who know what else is ‘allowed’ to cross our border with no serious federal intent at preventing them.  They not only risk American lives and property, they abandon control of American territory to Mexican criminals.  If that does not meet the exact definition of ‘traitor’, it must come awfully close.

And while this is going on we, the American People, are all supposed to sing kum baya and embrace legislation that will make these criminals legal citizens just so they can vote for more Socialist Democrats and further destroy our lives and liberties?  Are we required to sell power to corrupt political officials simply to gain the protection of a federal government that is already bound by law to protect us?  Are we to pay again for what we have already paid for in blood and treasure?

I think not.  Its time for a new congress.   One that does not play Chicago criminal politics with public lives and tax dollars. 

Vote these bums out on theirs.  It’s 2010 or never.


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