Border Drones, Like The Virtual Fence, Will Stop Virtually No One

I note with dismay the latest government claim that they will use UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles), or drones as they are commonly referred to, to monitor illegal activities along our Southern border.  This is nothing more than a political ploy.  It will be used to gain more time for doing nothing, which is exactly the intent of the Democrats and the Obama Administration.  They do not want secure borders, they have already ceded large sections of the Unites States to Mexico.

Like the failed virtual fence,  our government will find another way to waste public tax dollars through the use of drones that will cost 10 times more than a manned aircraft and produce zero results in reducing the number of illegal immigrants, terrorists and criminals that walk across our borders on a daily basis.

Drones make sense in a combat zone where you either cannot afford to risk personnel or cannot send personnel across another countries borders.  The purpose of drones is not to reduce costs, it is to reduce the exposure of personnel and increase air time by reducing the ‘combat’ weight of an aircraft.

Military aircraft are heavier, more powerful, consume more fuel and are more expensive to operate.  The basic reasoning for this is that they are designed for combat.  They have heavy armor to protect pilots and vital systems.  They are fast and maneuverable in order to dogfight and win over other combat aircraft.  Drones, like non-combat aircraft, do not require these systems.   Like non-combat aircraft they require less power and fuel.  Unlike non-combat aircraft they are very technical, require loads of maintenance and are much more costly than a comparable piloted aircraft.  It should also be noted that each drone is piloted by a real aircraft pilot who monitors and manuevers the aircraft through the use of computers and virtual monitoring. 

If the administration really wanted to monitor the border they could use simple aircraft piloted by the Border Patrol.  Piloted aircraft would not only be cheaper to operate,  they are readily available and could be placed in operation immediately, not six months from now.  They would also be much more effective than a high-tech drone that is designed for combat operations.

Simply put, do not buy into the Administrations claim that they are intent on protecting the citizens of this nation from terror, crime or illegal activities.   The drone concept is simply a smoke screen they will use in order to buy time, as they are currently in the full open borders mode, doing everything the can to attract as many illegal immigrants as possible, in the hopes they can eventually turn this illegal horde of millions into a new group of mindless Socialist Democrat voting drones.  

This is simply another desperate attempt by the Socialists to hide their intent, create confusion and keep their precious power.  They could honestly care less about anything else, much less the safety of the American People.


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