A Little Sunday Al Gore Humor With Andrew Clavan

Mr. Andrew Clavan ‘s ‘Leaving Al Gore’.   A little Sunday humor that would normally be prime time on the lame stream had Al Gore been a Conservative, Republican, Practicing Christian, Tea Party Member, Minute Man, Priest, Small Business Owner or had he taken a pot shot at ‘The Won’ and his destructive Socialist Policies.

Truthfully, we may never know the details on the Gore Marriage breakup or the  bizarre claim that he is a crazy sex poodle.  However, we have been treated to hundreds of comments questioning Mr. Gore’s sanity over the last couple of years.  Mr. Michael Savage noted Al Gore was a ‘crazy con man’ back in Dec 08. 

Mr. Savage notes that the craziest people in America are found in academia number one and government number two.  While I firmly believe that there are competent people in academia, I must agree that a large majority of them are clueless drones, incapable of logical thought and reason. 

As for the people in charge of government, I give them even less credence than the Academics.   Mind you, this is not meant to reflect on the general government worker as they do not make the rules, but the elitist political appointees, and political embeds, that have taken control of our government agencies and continue to double down on the destructive Socialist policy failures that are based on political agendas in lieu of common sense and reason.  But, that is another story for another time 🙂

We do know that Al Gore is not the sanest man in the political spectrum.  But, in his defense, he is not the most lose geared Vice President in history.  That honor goes to the current VP and his never-ending search for a free meal from a small business owner that he calls a smart ass for asking him to lower taxes.    Even the liberal Huffington Post notes Joe Biden is insane.


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