Tea Party Rising

Though RINO Senator Lindsey Graham may believe that the Tea Party is ‘unsustainable’ and ‘will die out’, others tend to believe that the Tea Party is continuing to rise as a public, that is worried that their government has lost it’s direction, takes notice of the candidates that support the issues that are the foundation of the Tea Party movement.

According to a July 3rd item, the Tea Party’s next wave is already on the rise from Alaska to Colorado and many RINOs are finding themselves targets for term limits in the upcoming November elections.

The man who wants to turn a fellow Republican, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, out of office is a graduate of Yale Law School and West Point, a decorated combat veteran and former judge. Many Tea Partiers share his disdain for Washington, its political gridlock and mounting debt, but not his credentials.

The message he conveys, though, is straight from the Tea Party script: He fears the nation is veering toward socialism and insolvency. He says Murkowski is too liberal.

To Miller, Alaska’s senior senator is complicit in the ballooning U.S. debt and spending and has a voting record that would make a Democrat proud. His agenda envisions a federal government with reduced limits. He would cut off federal dollars for the United Nations, gradually privatize Medicare and Social Security and disband federal departments that aren’t spelled out in the Constitution, including the Environmental Protection Agency and the Education Department.

“The problem,” he says, “is incumbency.”

In an election year marked by Tea Party activism, Miller is part of the next wave of Republican primary candidates counting on a public weary of Washington and the stale economy, and eager for fresh faces. In more than a dozen primaries in the months ahead — among them Oklahoma, Kansas, Tennessee, Colorado, Arizona, Washington state and Florida — Tea Party candidates are determined to upend the status quo and capture GOP nominations.

Could Miller be the next Rand Paul or Sharron Angle — Tea Party-backed candidates who stunned GOP powerbrokers in Kentucky and Nevada?

Surprises are the norm this year.

Three-term Republican Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah was ousted by Tea Partiers at the state GOP convention in May. Tea Party darling Angle engineered a come-from-behind victory in Nevada over an establishment-preferred candidate and will challenge Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in November. Rand pulled off a surprise win in Kentucky’s Senate race over a party favorite. Florida Gov. Charlie Crist was forced out of the GOP by Tea Party-backed Marco Rubio and is running as an independent. In South Carolina, Palin’s support and Tea Party activists helped GOP state Rep. Nikki Haley emerge from a crowded field to capture the GOP nod for governor.

In Colorado, the GOP Senate nomination appeared destined for a former lieutenant governor, Jane Norton. But Republican prosecutor Ken Buck has emerged as a rising Tea Party star by blending grass-roots organizing, a message of ideological purity and a folksy appeal he shares with candidates such as Angle.

In Tennessee, a Tea Party Republican seeking a congressional seat in a crowded field has made headlines by opposing construction of a suburban Nashville mosque. Candidate Lou Ann Zelenik says the “Islamic training center” is part of a political movement “designed to fracture the moral and political foundation of Middle Tennessee.”

In Washington state, former professional football player Clint Didier is questioning the Republican credentials of party-recruited candidate Dino Rossi in the scramble to take on three-term Democratic Sen. Patty Murray.

The true test of the Tea Party candidates is whether they can attract moderate and independent voters to win in November.

Republican Ron Johnson, the owner of a Wisconsin-based company that makes plastic packaging materials, has called for reducing the size of the government, opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants and cap-and-trade legislation, and advocates repealing the health care overhaul law. He’s also said man-made global warming hasn’t been proved and he questioned how Social Security is different from a Ponzi scheme.

Senator Graham is a supporter of Illegal Immigrant Amnesty and Cap & Trade.  These are both issues that the Tea Party and the majority of Americans are against.  Amnesty simply assures the Socialist Democrats will remain in power with another 20 millions voting Democrats, whereas Cap & Trade is designed to destroy what little manufacturing that remains in the U.S. and destitute our population and small businesses with ever-increasing and out of control energy prices.  They are both Socialist dreams for domination of the populace and Senator Graham would rather support the Socialist over the Patriot in the upcoming battle for the heart of this nation.

Though RINOs like Senator Graham cannot come to terms with the Patriotic platform of the Tea Party, poll after poll suggests that the majority of Americans do favor the Tea Party platform.  Though many in this nation are left unaware of exactly what the Tea Party is all about due to the negative propaganda of the Government controlled media and the desperate attempts of RINOs, and others like Graham, to mislabel and misdefine exactly what the Tea Party movement is all about, as the people become aware of the truth the support for Tea Party candidates continues to grow.

The basis of the Tea Party, and what concerns Graham and the Socialist the most, is that  The Tea Party movement will no longer be content with a government that will punish our success and reward the failures of others, while eroding away the foundations and basic freedoms that this great nation is built upon.  We will no longer accept the lies and history distortions that are designed to socialize this nation and take away our basic freedoms of choice.  We desire a smaller government that is responsible to the people and held to the restrictions and tenants of the U. S. Constitution.

No Senator Graham the Tea Party is not done and Patriotism in this country ‘will never die out’.  In the words of John Paul Jones ‘we have not yet begun to fight’.  The time for Republican and Independent political turncoats who, like yourself, espouse to be Conservative, while voting away America’s freedoms in support of the Socialist Democrat policies that are designed to enslave us, is ‘unsustainable’ and ‘will die out’.

We love this country and we will not allow it to descend into a Socialist hellhole without a fight.


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